Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ventara Turns

Reports have filtered back to Imperial hands that a coup of some kind has taken place on the Tau held world of Ventara. It would appear that with the arrival of several warships bearing the markings of the renegade Farsight Enclave that the entire planet has for all intents and purposes turned from the Tau empire. Rumours even speculate that commander Farsight himself has arrived to oversee enclave operations in the sector.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Horde Descends - Crastus

Orks vs Sons of Tantalus

The Sons of Tantalus 4th company were on penance duty defending a minor backwater Imperial world when a sizeable ork force translated into the system. Immediately the space marines took charge of the situation and began to set up the defences.

The space marines held a sizeable line between the ork forces and the hive city of Korlis. They had been holding this site for months and knew the terrain very well. Behind them were thePDF troops though most had little to no combat experience. It was assumed that the orks had underestimated the defender's numbers compared to their own.

The orks immediately captured an 80km swath of land between the coast and Korlis. The orks played an uncharacteristically defensive approach, expecting the Imperium to launch an immediate attack to drive them back to the sea. They deployed in such a way as to tempt the space marines out whilst holding their positions securely. Units of stormboyz waited at the rear to launch a counterstrike at any incoming forces.

At Korlis the Imperium had constructed mighty defensive walls in centuries past to protect the city, including mighty defence lasers that could be targeted out to the plains. Behind the walls the PDF deployed basilisk artillery.

The orks rushed across the fields under heavy artillery fire. They quickly overran the space marine defences lines and forced the Sons of Tantalus to retreat into the city walls, though the orks suffered heavy losses. Within two days the orks had failed to breach the city walls despite having committed all available troops in the attempt. The Imperial forces where for the time being confined to the city, while the orks had room to manoeuvre and deploy more units from the ships in space.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sector Control XXVIII

"Anytime you lose a war, you just .. you just wait a few years, and you'll hear from everyone who thought that we could've won if they had done the fighting." - Tanis Mallor, Rogue Trader.


Grey Knights vs Craftworld Iyanden

The eldar attack began with an orbital bombardment on the Imperial defences which continued for most of the day, covering the landing of their troops. The assault was launched quickly, three seperate troop movements thrusting against the eastern and western sectors of the Imperial defence perimeter. At the same time wraith constructs launched a diversionary raid from the north.

The first Iyanden forces, under heavy fire, breached the defensive line and within an hour other forces had breached in five seperate locations. As a result the defending Grey Knights retreate immediately to avoid encirclement. A few brave marines volunteered to remain behind in a defensive role.

As a consequence of the eldar attack the fortresses at Bizani and Kastra were cut off from Imperial support. During the battle for these fortresses, the eldar suffered almost 3000 casulaties while inflicting only 284 on the Grey Knights.

Blood and Sand - Bantis V

Dark Eldar vs Craftworld Iyanden

Following recent victories across this corner of the galaxy, the Iyanden elders seek to drive their wayward brothers from the Midas Sector. Deploying their forces in greater numbers than previously seen on Bantis, Iyanden warriors capture much territory held by the Kabals. Despite the initial victories they did not pursue the dark eldar into the badlands, allowing the kabal forces to regroup and set up defensive positions.

When the eldar finally began the final assault on the dark eldar the combat became a chaotic mess of swooping aerial battles, frantic hand to hand combat and stiff resistance. With the arrival of an Avatar the craftworlders were emboldened and pressed home the attacks. Heavy and bloody battles occured for the next two days and the casualties were high on both sides. At the cost of many lives, the Iyanden warriors drove their fallen brethren deeper into the badlands.

Xenos Aggression - Pelias IX

Craftworld Saim-Hann vs Dark Angels / Blood Angels

Warp storms and atmospheric disturbances hampered the Pelias PDF detecting the approach of Eldar starships and the landing of alien troops on Imperial soil. In the autumn rain, the advancing eldar forces came under sudden fire from a surprised defence unit operating from an outlaying settlement. The eldar assaulted and overwhelemed the defenders, forcing the handful of survivours to retreat south.

On the following day as the eldar raced after the fleeing survivours they came under fire from unexpected elements of the Dark Angels and Blood Angels chapters of space marines. They had waited for the eldar advance and struck when the time was right. Despite the ranged weapontry both sides held, it quickly fell into hand to hand fighting with power weapons and combat blades. The eldar were victorius but it took the better part of a day to reduce the space marines down to numbers that forced them to pull back.

The conflict became a serious of short, sharp engagements around the city of Hive Scutari, that demonstrated that the eldar were very much a force to be reckoned with.

The Crimson Tide - Pyros II

Chaos Daemons vs Sons of Tantalus

The morning was foggy and recent warp storm activity made communications almost impossible. On the Word Bearers left flank, the cultists noticed the advance of the Sons of Tantalus, but mistook them for their own forces returning from reconnaissance. They died quickly as the space marines overran their positions without a single shot fired.

Following the massacre, Librarian Xenocrates determined that the Chaos lines were weak. He decided to press the attack. With aerial support incoming, the Sons of Tantalus attacked the Chaos positions. Soon, the Word Bearers were in retreat, but, instead of continuing the attack, Xenocrates waited for the arrival of reinforcements from the rear to launch raids on the enemy flanks. This enabled the Word Bearers to summon up a horde of daemons to assist in the defence. With their presence, they blunted the initial forays into the Chaos lines.

Around midday, the Sons of Tantalus started to attack the positions held by the daemons. Swarms of bloodletters with support from pink horrors and soul grinders, awaited their charge. The daemons counterattacked and pushed the space marines back. After the counterattack, the space marines were kept at bay by foul sorcery and daemonic artillery until the end of the day.

The Sons of Tantalus fought as the codex astartes directed, but despite this, they suffered a heavy defeat. Nonetheless, this battle would be remembered as a turning point in the crusade that would lead to the defeat of Kor Aven in the future.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Necrons Advance - Voidspar

Necrons vs Craftworld Iyanden

Over the last few months tensions have mounted between the factions situated on Voidspar. In the last few days the Necrons began mobilising their forces and marching for the Eldar lines. Over 20,000 Necron warriors marched into enemy territory and quickly seized a number of important objectives. Hopelessly outnumbered, the Eldar retreated.

The Necron offensive was unstoppable and relentless. Three divisions of warriors assaulted the Eldar directly, while a fourth comprising walkers and mobile weapon systems attempted to flank around behind the Eldar using a series if natural canyons to avoid being sighted. A fifth wave of tomb blades attacked from the opposing flank to hide the advance of the fourth.

The main force advanced under heavy artillery fire but managed to make contact with the Eldar defenders. The tomb blades met heavy resistance but their sacrifice worked. The fourth division managed to push back the Eldar and allowed the Necrons to capture their target objective.

During the night, the Eldar sorely hurt retreated into the webway capitulating all the territory they had held to the Necron.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

War Games - Hermes IX

Grey Knights vs Grey Knights

In preperation for the advance across the Midas sector to drive the taint of Chaos out of Imperial space, the Grey Knights have begun a series of war games in a remote corner of the penal colony of Hermes IX. Each side supported by an Inquisitor and directed to capture an undisclosed object from the centre of the battlefield. The result was quite as expected, and proved to Lord Inquisitor Butlerian that the Grey Knights were ready for anything Kor Aven could throw at them.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sector Control XXVII

"I was just about ready to head back to the fleet when I saw something. Maybe a thousand kilometers away, black against space. Now, the reason that I know it was there is that it blotted out the stars behind it. I don't know the exact shape of it, but .. it was big. I turned to my XO, asked if the auspex could sense it, and when I looked back, it had vanished."

- Vice Admiral Augusto Argos, commander of the Purity of Hate.

The Eldar are sweeping through the Perseus Sector casting all aggressors aside. Something needs to be done or all worlds will burn under their unrelenting gaze.

Ice Fields of Death - Arathis Secundus

Sons of Tantalus vs Craftworld Iyanden

After the loss of it's sister planet, Arathis Secundus had become a vital world for the Imperium to hold. The Warmaster told his generals that if the planet could be reclaimed fully for the glory of the Emperor, it would be a perfect staging point for the recapture of Arathis Prime. A fleet of Imperial warships under the command of vice admiral Augusto Argos, approached and quickly launched attacks upon the surface including the deployment of space marines.

In the first week of battle the Imperium had captured much territory and the Imperial Guard were busy rebuilding fortifications and digging ice trenches. The Eldar command foresaw that Imperial control here would jeopardise the Eldar plans for the system. He ordered his forces to attack as soon as possible to overcome the Imperial resistance. Eldar ground troops attacked just after dawn and besieged the Sons of Tantalus, followed by heavy fire and an all out attack.

The position was captured within two hours of fighting, allowing the Eldar to sweep around behind the Imperial lines and drive the humans back into space.

Expeditionary Failure - Khemet III

Sons of Tantalus vs Craftworld Iyanden.

The Imperium has not held territory on Khemet III for some time and it was decided that an effort must be made to ascertain enemy dispositions prior to any military operation. The Sons of Tantalus were tasked with this mission. it did not take them long to encounter Eldar forces.

The battle began when the Eldar appeared out of the desert wastes and assaulted the left flank of the space marines skirmish line. As the Sons of Tantalus reacted to this threat, bolstering the targetted section, the Eldar swooped in from behind and locked the marines in between their attack formations.

The battle was largely static with the Eldar coming under heavy fire. Captain Democritus began to withdraw his troops to concentrate on the attackers weak points. So concerned was he, that he led the counter-attack himself with a bodyguard of terminators. However, this withdrawl and reposition was not well co-ordinated and the space marine formations quickly fell into a chaotic jumble as individual squad leaders tried to fight their way through rather than follow the original orders.

All but encircled, Democritus had no choice but to request a risky teleport of all surviving squads back to the orbiting battle barge. Although the mission was a failure for the marines, it did give them insight to events on Khemet III, that in the absence of other threats the Eldar had inflicted severe damage to the rsident Necrons and pushed them back into their tomb cities.

Flames of Winter - Fangol

Grey Knights vs Black Legion

Over the last few months the bitterly cold winter has descended on the ice world of Fangol. A time of almost constant darkness and uncaring death. Both the Black Legion and the Imperial forces had secured themselves in quickly constructed bastions to ride out the winter. Abaddon assumed that the Imperium would not dare an overland assault under such conditions. He was wrong.

The famous grand master Kaldor Draigo materialised from the Warp and called upon his battle brothers. His time here was short but he knew that the Black Legion must be halted here before they could seize worlds behind the crusade's lines and bring the re-captured worlds back in the hands of the Ruinous Powers.

Draigo's first move was to order an strike against a mono-rail station that could allow the forces of Chaos an expeditious evacuation if the battle when against them. It was also a large stockpile of food and ammunition. Teleporting into the site, they Grey Knights destroyed several of the bridges and most of the rail system. The surviving Black Legionnaires retreated back to the main bastion but were slowed down by frequent blizzards and hazardous terrain.

The main battle began three days later when the Grey Knights took the closest outpost, which they did with severe losses. Due to a teleportation mishap, the second strike ended up arriving at the wrong target and were attacked by large numbers of forgefields and a counter-attack by the Black Legion. After losing most of their number, the second strike force retreated to regroup.

On the following morning a huge snow storm swept through the region preventing the two groups from meeting at the rendezvous point. Despite this Draigo continued with the offensive. To make matters worse, Abaddon himself led the counter-attack into the Grey Knight lines. The battle was a bloody and violent affair, with both Abaddon and Draigo carving through enemy infantry. The Emperor was with Draigo, and after three hours of battle Abaddon had lost enough marines that he was forced to call a retreat.

As the Black Legion fell back into the storm and the ice reaches, Draigo was whisked away back into the Warp once more.

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Seige of Port Alexander - Arathis Prime

Craftworld Iyanden vs Grey Knights.

Port Alexander was once regarded as the most stringly fortified positions on Arathis Prime. The Eldar's overconfidence in their abilities to overcome the defences led to a much longer conflict, with heavy losses than expected.

The Eldar began by using their titans and fire prism tanks to bombard the void shields protecting the hive city. The orbitting Eldar starships also added their firepower to the intial bombardment. After several hours the void shields collapsed and the Craftworld launched a frontal infantry assault, which was hampered by the atmospheric residue of the orbital strikes. The Eldar were only able to advance to the outer edges of the city, with many guardians being killed upon entry. Even night attacks resulted in heavy casualties, as the Imperial defenders used powerful searchlights, heavy weapon emplacements and the aid of the Grey Knights to blunt their attack.

Undeterred, farseer T'ate re-opened an artillery bombardment on the following day, but the assault stalled again, this time due to heavy resistence from the Grey Knights and their inquisitorial allies. T'ate ordered his troops to press on regardless of the casualties. He wanted to capture this world for the the Eldar and the pitiful human defenders would not stop him! Due to confusion in orders from the Imperial commander, many Imperial Guardsmen abandoned their posts and this allowed the Eldar to finally overrun the outer defences.

The planetary govenour offered a temporary cease fire to the attackers, so the Imperial civilians could evacuate. T'ate mercilessly refused the offer.

At noon, the Eldar launched fighter craft to fly over the city and gather reconnaissance. The Imperium attempted to shot them down but failed to destroy any. The recon report showed a lack of coordination in the Imperial artillery efforts, and T'ate ordered another direct frontal assault into the city.

The main thrust of the attack was directed at the Grey Knights, with flanking and diversionary attacks to keep the Imperial Guard occupied. The Grey Knights tenaciously refused to give any ground and held the line despite severe and mounting casualties. On the following day their luck gave out. With more than half of the Imperial defenders killed or wounded and with the Imperial command disintigrating, the Eldar swept in and decimated the survivours and the remaining civilian population.

In just over a week, the planet was fully in the control of the Craftworlds.

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Eldar Envelopment - Arathis Prime

Craftworld Iyanden vs Dark Angels

After the recent losses to the Eldar surrounding Port Alexander, the planetary govenour demanded that the military act to prevent an encirclement of the city. The Imperial commander disagreed vehemently to this, preferring to let the city fall and pull back until reinforcements could make planetfall. In the end astropathic communication from Warmaster Xerxes ended the argument and ordered the remaining planetary guard to hold the city and spaceport at all costs.

Farseer T'ate advanced his Craftworld's forces northward towards the entrenched Imperial positions. Waiting for them were elements of the Dark Angels chapter. The space marines held the high ground and were prepared with long range lascannons. However, rather than cooperating with the defenders by charging straight into the field of fire, T'ate advanced forward somewhat asa feight, while manuevering gravitic tanks to the west in order to envelop the Dark Angels. Though the space marines detected this move they felt that they could hold the position.

The battle began with a storm of long range fire, which demonstrated the better technology of the Eldar, maybe not in number but certainly in accuracy. As the Eldar divisions in the center commenced firing, Belial judged that the enemy threat was before him rather than to his flank, and concentrated all fire down the middle. It was a costly mistake for the Dark Angels.

A Fool's Move - Arathis Prime

Grey Knights vs Craftworld Saim-Hann

The recent sighting of an Eldar Avatar on Arathis Prime has drawn the attention of the Ordo Malleus. In an attempt to aid the desperate Imperial Guard, a task force of Grey Knights was deployed to slay the beast and punish the Eldar for their sorcery.

The engagement was brief and bloody. The Grey Knights teleported into the heart of the Saim-Hann forces and slaughtered the Eldar withour mercy. The xenos of Saim-Hann simply spread out to give themselves room and brought their jetbikes and gravitic tanks to bear. The Grey Knights could not deal with such a fast moving foe and were struck down.

Ultimately their sacrifice was in vein. As the Imperial Guard retreated, it just allowed the Eldar to claim and occupy more territory on Arathis Prime.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Eldar Advance - Arathis Prime

Craftworld Saim-Hainn vs Dark Angels / Blood Angels.

After the recent Eldar victory, the forces of Craftworld Saim-Hann took over and launched an attack. They landed some miles from a hive designated Port Alexander. Their intent was to seize that location and then launch assaults on two major space ports. The Imperial command was both indecisive and incompetent, allowing further Eldar landings to take place.

General Stoessel had about 170,000 guardsmen under his command. 30,000 of which were dug into fortified positions in the hills leading to Port Alexander. They planned to hold out despite being massively outnumbered. Thanks to scouts in days prior, the Eldar knew where the defences were and how many troops occupied them.

After a few days, during a heavy thunderstorm, Saim-Hann attacked the walls of Port Alexander. despite being defended by only 4,000 guardsmen the attackers failed to penetrate the walls. It too three more attacks to finally breach the gates. Within, they suffered unexpected counter-attack from two companies of space marines - Dark Angels and Blood Angels.

The space marines equipped with better weaponry than the guardsmen inflicted heavy casualties on the Eldar. Although they took casualties the space marines were able to force the Eldar back for quite some time. As calls for reinforcements remained unanswered, the reserve forces fell back away from Port Alexander for the cover of the hills. An Eldar strike then destroyed the ammunition reserves, which hurt the space marines especially. Without the reserve support, the space marines found themselves surrounded with little ammunition and no chance of escape.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Warboss Revealed - Volistad

Orks vs Craftworld Iyanden

It has now become knowledge to the forces battling in this corner of space that the warboss leading the incoming ork forces is none other than the infamous Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka who fought the wars for Armageddon on a few years earlier.

Ghazghkull has spend the last few months building up his forces on Volistad since the fall of that world. As soon as he has enough boyz ready to go, the sector will be swarmed by a green tide of death. Before any other force had the opportunity, the Eldar of Iyanden decided to strike at the green menace first.

Following a successful engagement in space where the Eldar defeated the mainstay of ork ships, they began to deploy ground troops in great numbers. The Eldar quickly moved out from their landing positions to capture a number of smaller hive cities, granting them a suitable centre of operations from which to conduct the war. By capturing the main space port shortly their after they made it easier for future landings.

Due to their rangers, the Eldar knew exactly where the ork troops were located. The orks made little attempt to hide their numbers or positions. Within two days the Eldar knew the layout of every manned bunker complex held by the ork troops. The orks knew little about the Eldar forces and were reluctant to engage without the Warlords say so.

The prelude to the war began one night as the Eldar seized two smaller space ports with minimal opposition. A constant flood of reinforcements saw even the orks retreat further out. Aircraft quickly duelled for control of the skies, pure aggression versus superhuman reflexes. The Eldar held the skies allowing the aspect warriors to lure the orks in annihilation!

In the following morning the Eldar troops were moving on foot and in transports, supported by titans and other wraith constructs. Guardians deployed weapon platforms at convenient locations on the march to cover the troop movements. At midday they ran into waves of ork boyz and gargant titans.

Dire Avengers took centre point to lure the orks in so that Banshees and Scorpions could enact a pincer movement to encircle and trap the main ork force. With the loss of their Gargants to the Phantom Titans, the orks began to fall back yet again. The Eldar had chosen the perfect point to attack the ork hordes.

The Phantom Titans made short work of any equivalent ork war machines and then turned their deadly fire on the hordes. At this time, Ghazghkull himself entered the fray, leading his boyz into the enemy lines, and for the first time the Eldar hit heavy resistance. It wasn't enough though, and the orks fled from their trenchworks before the alien attackers. Orks were cut down, and as they were, new holes opened up in their lines.

The ork lines became uncontrolled and chaotic. Remaining warbands were in danger of being cut off and slaughtered. Reluctantly, and with a howl of rage, Ghazghkull gave the retreat order leaving the Eldar to consolidate their new position.

Sector Control XXVI

"As I look at you, Inquisitor Mannus, I see a great hand reaching out of the stars. The hand is your hand. And I hear sounds, the sounds of billions of people calling your name."
"My followers?"
"Your victims."

- Inquisitor Mannus and Farseer T'ate.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Surprise Attack! - Arathis Prime

Craftworld Iyanden vs Sons of Tantalus

Due to the stalemate against the humans on Arathis Prime, the farseers of the Craftworlds met to convene a unified war council to discuss the situation both here and across this corner of the galaxy. It was decided that the warriors of Iyanden must take a hand on Arathis Prime and strike at the Imperium.

As part of the defence to contain the Eldar, the Imperium had constructed defensive fortifications and aegis defence lines across the countryside, designed to halt their advance from the containment zone. To protect the zone and the troops, the Warmaster had assigned companies of space marines on a temporary basis. One of which was the Sons of Tantalus, serving on penace for recent losses.

Eldar scouts probed the lines for three days before deciding that the Sons of Tantalus were the weakest point of opposition. The eldar troops supported by jetbikes and a handful gravitic transports approached using a lightly defended canyon. In the early hours they launched themselves from the canyon and laid in to the space marines. The surprise was almost total. Firing into watch positions and the barracks caused significant casualties. The battle was brief lasting just forty minutes before the marines fell back, leaving a gaping hole in the Imperial lines.

The Defence of the Apostles of St Celestine - Hermes IX

Craftworld Ulthwe vs Imperial Guard.

The battle for the Apostles of St. Celestine Monastery was a defensive engagement between the Eldar of Ulthwe and the garrisoned Imperial Guard. The Eldar intentions were to attract the attention of nearby Imperial forces and draw them away from other better targets.

The Craftworld forces swept out of nowhere and engaged in constant skirmishes with small garrison groups and the civilian population. Their target was clear to the Imperial commander who barricaded his forces into the holy monastery.

A well armed force of Eldar guardians, aspect warriors and weapon platforms lay siege to the site in a manner unusual for the xenos scum. During this time the Imperial Guard took heavy casualties but inflicted little back following their destruction of their artillery units. After nineteen days of the siege, when looked like the walls might finally fall, the Eldar simply vanished back into the webway.

As reports reached the Warmaster, his advisors were at a loss as what to suggest. The Crusade, once a force for Imperial stability was being forced to fight a host of aggressors in three sectors. Reluctantly, he has been forced to request further reinforcements from elsewhere to secure their positions behind the crusading force.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Raiding Party - Acastus Prime

Craftworld Ulthwe vs Black Legion.

After years of sending raiding parties to harrass the Chaos forces occupying Acastus Prime the farseers of Ulthwe have decided to send a signifcant force to the surface. Other raiding parties already present met up to bolster the troops available. Ulthwe hope to cause enough damage to the enemy forces that the other Craftworlds will see the benefit of the attacks and support them in their attempt to reclam an ancestral home. Prior attempts had been unsuccessful, but Ulthwe would not give up.

During the initial landings, the Craftworld lost many to orbital defence weaponry and to the flyinf Heldrake war engines. Two days after the landing, the combined Ulthwe strike force struck at the Chaos bastion of Gorehold. A force of chaos marines had been expected but many had been called away just days earlier to assist in the war for the Midas sector. The aspect warriors struck first, killing many defenders before being forced to disengage with severe casualties.

The Eldar then made a strike at another fortress on the other side of the mountains, one garrisoned by Thousand Sons and a handful of insane berserkers. Unfortunately despite the use of stealth technologies, the raiding force was spotted by cultists guarding the mountain pass and the garrison were prepared. The Ulthwe assault force encircled the fortress trapping the enemy within. Wraith constructs and gravitic tanks opened fire, breaking down the entrance gates and smashing holes in the outer walls. The Black Legion marines suffered heavy casulties in the first few minutes of the battle. Once the assault units were inside, the chaos marines were quickly decimated and the fortress captured.

The Eldar of Ulthwe now have a tentative foothold on Acastus Prime but they by themselves are not strong enough to retake the planet. It remains to be seen if the other Craftworlds will come to their aid.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hunt for the Tome of Fire - Pyros II

Penitent Angels vs Grey Knights / Craftworld Altansar.

Eldar representatives from the elusive Altansar Craftworld have made contact with an acolyte of the Inquisition. They have discovered the whereabouts of Inqusitor Mannus and the chaos artifact known as the Tome of Fire. Believing that this is a great threat the farseers of Altansar have offered their assistance in locating and destroying the tome. Reluctantly the Ordo Malleus accepts.

The battle was fierce but brief. Descending to the outpost spoken of by the Eldar, the Grey Knights and their temporary allies made war against the Penitent Angels. Of Mannus there was no sign. The space marines fought hard and seemed prepared for the assault. Eventually the Eldar fled and the two Imperial forces called a bitter truce.

Mannus, it seems, had aided the chapter in their own quests and then demanded their aid in recovering the relic at any cost. Mannus had since vanished for the time being but the marine captain knew that the rogue inquisitor sought three further artifacts of Chaos located somewhere in the sector. The Ordo Malleus, aware that all aid was required in the crusade, accepted them at their word and commanded they fight for the crusade until all worlds here in were under Imperial control rather than eradicate the chapter for any supposed heresy.

A Cry for Help - Medea

Craftworld Iyanden vs Tau Empire.

The Tau expansion forces have set their eyes on a beautiful green world on close to their borders. Unknown to them the world of Medea is an Exodite world fully claimed and protected by the Craftworlds.

From the start the Tau launched a series of artillery attacks on the native Eldar population once they realised that the savages would not join the Empire. They exploited this time to construct a series of fortifications as a prelude to conquest. The Exodites knew that they could not defeat an enemy of this force and called upon their craftworld allies for aid.

On the following day elements of Iyanden's scouting force encountered Tau outposts in the northern mountains and fighting erupted. The Tau positions were lightly held and easily pushed back. By midnight fierce clashes were underway in the foothills under cover of night. By morning the Eldar had dislodged the Tau back into the plains. The firewarriors had suffered heavy casualties during the fighting and retreated in disorder. As the day progressed more and more forces from the Iyanden Craftworld made planetfall on Medea.

The next day saw the Tau attempt to retake the territory they had lost but their efforts failed. Aspect warriors attacked enemy outposts, before the main force advanced into Tau held territory. Elsewhere, the Tau succeeded in repulsing the Eldar attempting to manoeuvre in from the north.

In the early hours of the third day, the Tau launched another attack, with the intention of pushing the Eldar back into the foothills in order to allow the bulk of their military to advance up to the new front lines. However, the attack failed as the Eldar annihilated the Tau forces as they reached a major river crossing, forcing the survivours to retreat. Elsewhere, the Iyanden counter-attack continued with their forces attacking the major Tau command outpost. The first wave was fought off, but a wave of further attacks followed throughout the night. In the early morning of the fourth day the Eldar finally crushed the defences and captured the outpost. Tau air support aided in blunting the continued assault and inflicted heavy casualties. The Eldar withdrew from the surrounding battle lines having taken light casualties. The fact that the Eldar were not broken by the aerial bombardment meant that the Tau were unable to alter the outcome of the conflict.

The final Tau facility was conquered at noon, and the Eldar dispatched wraith constructs  to advance into the enemy lines, driving the tired fire warriors back. By late afternoon the Eldar had retaken all captured territory. Around this time the Tau began to fall back and were swiftly pushed against the coast where the remaining soldiers perished as they fled.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sector Control XXV

"Warmaster Xerxes. All information in this matter is on a need-to-know basis.
And you do not need to know. Have a pleasant day." - Lord Inquisitor Butlerian.