Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sector Control #37

"You can not win this war, Inquisitor Mannus. You can only survive it. And we intend to survive it." - Raptorus, Emperor's Children.

Slaanesh Cult Revealed - Crastus

Emperor's Children vs Orks vs Craftworld Alaitoc

Eldar from the Alaitoc Craftworld descended upon the ork hordes laying waste to the world of Crastus. For several days the xenos fought tooth and claw, slowly weakening each others forces. Only when both were almost devastated did the true masters of Crastus make their appearance.

From within the hive towers of the planet emerged cultists and traitor marines loyal to the chaos god Slaanesh. For decades they had lain within secretly manipulating the planetary Parliament and seizing control. Now, they emerged to lay claim to the world as a whole, starting with driving off the alien aggressors waging war across the planet's surface.

Under their relentless assault the Emperor's Children slaughtered the orks and sent the eldar back into the webway. Their lord, the infamous Lucius the Eternal, claimed Crastus for the glory of Slaanesh!

Fall of the Fated - Triton Prime


The Fated vs Necrons

Incensed at the loss of the Star Killer to Necron raiders, Morkaddon led his fleet into the Triton Prime system, determined to raid the raiders and recover the relic.

Moving swiftly into position above the planets. The Fated deployed a speartip of handpicked Veterans by Stormeagle gunship, led by Morkaddon himself. Their initial landing on one of the few island chains, met little resistance and they made planetfall quickly, establishing a landing zone at the edge of the Tomb complex where they believed the Star Killer fragment to be held. The plan was simple: break in, steal back what was theirs and get out again, using their air support to cover their retreat.

However as they breached the perimeter, hordes of deranged Flayed Ones and chittering Scarabs emerged from the shadows all around them, drowning them in a tide of metallic bodies which The Fated were forced to cut their way through as they pushed towards their objective. Even as their traitors ground forces were swamped, squadrons of Doom Scythes appeared as if from nowehere in the skies above them, engaging the Stormeagle support, forcing them to break off their covering fire in order to defend themselves. Many were blown from the skies by arc lightning, whilst on the ground grew steadily worse. Many war machines appeared walking in from the sea behind them, pounding the Astartes attackers with terrible energy cannons. Morkaddon himself was greviously wounded by a Tesseract Ark which appeared in the midst of his bodyguard, unleashing its deadly energies at point-blank range.

As more and more Necron war engines appeared around them, Morkaddon's tiny force were pinned down, drawing up in a tight ring around their wounded commander. Seeing the folly in continuing the fight, Morkaddon called a retreat, teleporting the battered remains of his force out of the complex onto the fleet awaiting in orbit. Necron ships continued to hound the fleet all the way to the systems translation point.

The Fated had suffered a terrible blow, losing near a hundred Space Marines in the battle. Morkaddon hung on the edge of death. Despite this, the traitors have sworn that they will have their revenge upon the Necrons of Triton Prime. For now though, they needed to look inwards, as in-fighting has sprung up within the warband, with many claimants vying for leadership of the Fated, should Morkaddons wounds prove to be mortal.

Pyros Falls - Pyros II

Black Legion vs Ultramarines

After the retreat of the Imperial forces on Pyros, Abaddon dispatched a legion of his own favoured brothers to conduct the final defeat of the Imperium.

The Ultramarines was committed to offering support to the Imperial Guard and conducted sorties to force the Black Legion to detach additional companies to the siege and harass the supply lines of the enemy.

When the order to launch an all-out attack came, several chaos land raiders and other heavy vehicles laid siege to the Imperial lines. Following this assault the Black Legion made significant gains in territory. The Imperial defences were unable to withstand the assault. From the main assault, it was apparent that the Ultramarines were unable to hold off the enemy for any significant amount of time.

After three days of fighting, the Imperium withdrew from the Pyros system and returned to Midas Prime to regroup and rearm.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Operation: Firebolt - Fangol

Salamanders vs Necrons

Operation Firebolt was the name given to a new offensive to capture Fangol and drive the xenos aggressors back into space. The intitial assault would be spearheaded by the Salamanders chapter under command of Vulkan He'stan.

When the necrons turned from the war against the eldar to face the new Imperial assault, they held one of the most formidable positions in the southern territory. They occupied an ancient ice fortress surrounded for hundreds of miles by flat open ice fields. The necrontyr hunkered down for a lengthy assault by the space marines.

The flat open ice fields offered no cover for the advancing Imperial Guard, who were forced to start cutting a series of trench works in the ice to reach their target. It would fall to the Salamanders to keep the necrons occupied.

In the dense fog of night the Salamanders deployed by thunderhawk to three points surrounding the ancient ice fortress. Under the thick fog of night they advanced to pre-assigned positions before assaulting at dawn. When the mist evaporated under the morning sun, the space marines found themselves under heavy cross fire. The limited aerial support fared no better. After four days of heavy fighting the fortress fell to the space marines.

Elsewhere, however it soon became clear that neither side could budge the other, and since neither was prepared to retreat, Operation Firebolt fell into a stalemate of trench warfare in the ice. The Imperial Guard were not well equipped for a protracted battle in the icy conditions, meaning that again, the Salamanders would have to lead the fight.

This form of warfare was new to the necrons, who were used to just advancing forward in force but the space marine presence made that an impossibility for now. Within days, scores of necron walkers emerged from the ice and launched long range artillery into the Imperial lines. Skillful use of mortars, heavy weapons and grenades gave the Imperial Guard the edge they needed to balance the crossfire.

A shortage of heavy vehicles hindered the Salamanders at times, and they had to rely on land raiders and predators to blast the necrons from a distance. The necron warriors were expert marksmen but they could not focus on both the entrenched Imperial Guard and the Salamanders who launched frequent sorties against their lines.

After four weeks of heavy fighting, the necron lines began to falter, allowing the Imperial Guard to rush the no man's land and take the fight to the enemy. The close quarters fighting lasted maybe an hour before everything necron phased out, leaving the Imperial Forces facing a stronger eldar threat.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Sector Control #36

"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life."
- Captain Democritus, Sons of Tantalus 4th company.

Surprise Raid - Triton Prime

Necrons vs The Fated

After fleeing with the captured Star Killer relic taken in a recent raid, The Fated translated through the Warp to an unclaimed system deep in the Medusa Sector. The traitor marines found themselves flying straight into an ambush. Dozens of Jackel class raiders and a single Cairn class tomb ship descended upon the traitor fleet. They quickly disabled the ships Aebethan and Eye of Terra and pummeling the Repulsive class grand cruiser Reavers Hunt with gauss lightning arcs until internal fires razed it from within. All three vessels were able to escape through emergency warp jumps, but not before the Aebethan was boarded by raiders from a pair of Shroud class cruisers and the relic which they had just stolen from the Space Wolves on Illiad was seized.

The escort squadrons Meras Dance and Jojens Farce were left behind to slow the pursuers, along with the Darkstar, a captured Gothic class cruiser, but they were all destroyed in one fell swoop as the Cairn ship fired its Star Pulse Generator. With no one left to watch, the Necron fleet descended through the planet's atmosphere and vanish beneath the waves.

Eldar Counterattack - Fangol

Craftworld Alaitoc vs Sons of Tantalus

Eldar efforts to wipe out the Imperial presence on Fangol was largely complete. Illic Nightspear was given command of the Alaitoc forces to finish them while the rest of the Eldar turned their attention to the long neglected necron tombs. The eldar overran the defence lines and pushed into the evacuation points. The eldar had far greater numerical superiority. Most of the attack came from the north, while Illic prepared a strike from the south to lock the enemy in place. He was not prepared for the Sons of Tantalus who defended the evacuating Imperial Guard regiments.

Illic launched a series of diversionary attacks with actual battle opening a few days later. The eldar hammered the space marines, forcing them into an orderly retreat. In the south, however, things went much worse. The eldar there ran into heavy resistance, outnumbered by retreating guardsmen. Squads of jetbikes were deployed and by the end of the day, the eldar had opened up the south flank.

All hope of any victory for the space marines vanished the following day when the two eldar forces met up, outflanking them. Captain Democritus, though badly wounded, ordered a retreat. There was nothing that could be done now. Due to their loss, the eldar were able to attack and destroy several of the Imperial transports as they rose into the air. The Space Marines escaped to their battle barge largely intact.

The Imperial forces retreated to the fleet over Midas Prime.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hunt For The Star Killer - Illiad

The Fated vs Space Wolves

Into the heart of battle a detachment of The Fated led by Aphaldon the Executioner descend. They had picked their target, a company of Space Wolves led by Njal Stormcaller, who were guarding an ancient reliquarium. Descending from orbit and by ancient teleportation The Fated battled their way through the defenders, intend it seemed to breech the doors of the holy site.

Aphaldon sought out any who would challenge him, even though it almost cost him his life. Only the actions of a Havoc squad saved him from ultimate destruction. The traitor terminators smashed through the doors and recovered some esoteric device from within. With a word they teleported back to the waiting star ship Aebethan and began to flee the system. A transmission was sent to the Space Wolves, warning that The Fated would have found the site of the Star Killer and that the Imperium's time in the Midas Sector was limited.

On the surface, the loss of space marine manpower allowed the traitor forces on Illiad to overrun the Imperial lines and force them from the planet.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Cleansing of Minora - Minora IV

Sons of Tantalus vs Dark Angels

The battle to remove the Word Bearers taint from the forge world of Minora IV has been a long and brutal affair but at last the traitor legion has been wiped out. During the clean up process a traitor marine was taken prisoner and the markings of his armour revealed him to be a pre-Heresy marine. The Sons of Tantalus bound the prisoner for transport back to the Inquisition when they came under attack by a Dark Angel force of terminators and bikes led by Belial himself. Belial demanded that the traitor be handed over to them but Captain Democritus refused.

The Ravenwing force swept into the ruins but the Sons of Tantalus still psyched after the recent war were prepared. The newly deployed grav guns proved exceptional and the bike assault was blunted. Next the Dark Angels deployed Deathwing terminators from orbit but the battle was not in their favour, and the assault was turned back.

Unable to snatch the prisoner by force, Belial accepted Democritus' terms. The two chapters would not mention the engagement and both would in unison hand the prisoner over to Buterlian's people. Belial was forced to agree but tensions between the two chapters have become even more strained.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Sector Control #35

"You don't follow an order because you know for sure it's gonna work out. You do what you are told, because your CO has the moral authority that says you may not come back!"
- Guardsman Tobruk, 156th Cadian.

Forge World Liberated - Metallo IV

Space Wolves / Imperial Guard vs Dark Eldar

The first month of raids had resulted in a series of victories for the piractical eldar. By the end of the month, most of the Skitarii and PDF had been forced to withdraw from the combat zone. Meanwhile, the attacking xenos continued to advance taking captives wherever they found defenders or fleeing troops. It seemed that the eldar might take the capital facility on the planet if not stopped.

Imperial troops suffered heavy casualties during the withdrawl. Sons of Tantalus captain Democritus blamed the losses on uncoordinated retreats by the Imperial Guard and Skitarii, even though these effectively saved many Imperial lives. The PDF command, in turn, were unhappy with the space marines for their refusual to support the withdraw, exposing the rear flank to the alien attackers.

With the arrival of the Space Wolves plans were made to move all Imperial ground troops back from the front along the lines of communication. Wolf Lord Wulfgar Grayson met with the Imperial commander on Metallo IV and explained that a withdrawl would be disasterous. The commander agreed to keep the troops on the front lines as long as their flanks were not exposed to the enemy.

As the dark eldar approached, they began to swerve south-east away in an attempt to envelop one side of the lines. After three days of fighting, Wulfgar had noticed a tactical error in the attackers approach. On the next day he ordered a halt to any withdraw and attacked the raiders all along the front with the 156th Cadian with the full deployment of his own grand company. The dark eldar leader, a vile creature named Lelith Hesperex, detected the Imperial approach and, too late, wheeled her forces to face the west. Battle commenced when the advancing Cadian force came into contact with raider patrols on the right flank. Seizing the initiative in the early afternoon, the eldar attacked with raiders and kabalite warriors and pushed the Cadian's back into a defensive posture before the planned Imperial attack.

Hesperex, in turning to meet the potential attack on her right flank, opened up a thirty mile wide gap in the dark eldar advance. This gap was detected by the orbitting Space Wolf battle barge Wolves of Fenris, and launched a full orbital insertion. More Cadian forces poured into the gap to deal with the xenos forces cut off to the east/

The dark eldar still hoped to achieve a victory but with the arrival of the Space Wolves they were totally encircled and destroyed. Hesperex was believed killed but her body was not recovered from the battlefield. The remaining forces fled back into the webway.

With the invasion over, the Mechanicus forces began a systematic overhaul of all planetary weapon and defensive systems in case the planet ever came under attack again.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Eldar Offensive Continues - Pelias IX

Imperial Fists vs Craftworld Iyanden

The Imperial offensive in the east had started well enough, with captain Lysander of the Imperial Fists chapter in command, forcing the eldar westward away from the populated areas. Meanwhile a force of Imperial Guard  approached from the south, hoping to cut the eldar off in the area around the ruined city of Sabastian's Landing. However, the Iyanden farseers developed a plan to attack the Imperial forces as it attempted to move north through an area of hilly terrain. The plan was quickly implemented, culminating in the complete destruction of the Imperial Guard over the course of four days.

Captain Lysander had been ordered to stand his ground in the event of an eldar counter-offensive. Realising that the Imperial Guard was too spread out to be effective, he ordered a withdrawal to a line of fortifications in the north. Bolstering his forces were elements of the 2nd company, which he ordered to stand firm, while he took the rest of his 1st company south to man the main defences. All in all, the Imperial Fists looked to be in an excellent position to await the arrival of the eldar.

Eldar efforts at mopping up the scattered Imperial Guard were complete within a few days and the Iyanden forces started moving to the southern lines to engage the space marines. They were able to avoid the forces in the north and concentrate on Lysander's 1st company. For the first time since the initial attack the eldar now had numerical superiority/

The eldar began their attack with random diversions, with the battle proper opening the next day/ Throughout the day Iyanden forces hammered at the defending space marines, forcing them into an orderly retreat westward. However, all hope of any victory vanished the next day when more reinforcements arrived via webway to support the attack. The Imperial Fists had no choice but to retreat fully to the Imperial lines and await the opportunity to again strike at the foul xenos.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Winds of the Fated - Pyros II

The Fated vs Craftworld Alaitoc / Imperial Guard

In Imperial records The Fated are a splinter faction formally of the Black Legion. Their commander Morkaddon disgusted with Abaddon and his continued failures against the Imperium took all the battle brothers loyal to him and fled into the Midas Sector, repainting their armour in the pre-Heresy colours.

The traitor warband known as 'The Fated' have won a glorious victory against the forces of Craftworld Alaitoc and the Imperial Guard allies they had duped into serving their cause.
The traitors made swift planetfall amongst the ruins of a ruined Imperial outpost. Their veteran warriors led the advance in at the head of an armoured column, using the heresy era relic weapons mounted on their battle tanks to hammer the foe into submission, before deploying from Rhino transports and unleashing their bolters at near point blank range, butchering the guardsmen who tried to stop them and driving deep into the heart of the Eldar host before the Xenos could slip away.
Their commander, Markus Morkaddon slew their Farseer in single combat, taking the witches head as a trophy and scattering the Eldar host to the wind.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Renegades Sighted - Volistad

Soul Drinkers vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

Monitoring stations watching over the ork hold of Volistad have detected the arrival of a space hulk entering the system. It has been identified as The Brokenback, a vessel known to be used by the renegade space chapter, the Soul Drinkers. The monitoring stations detected a brief assault on the eldar forces below.

It has been determined that the assault was led by the mutant librarian Sarpedon, a powerful psyker mutated to walk upon eight arachnid limbs, against the former planetary governor's palace. Whatever they sought is unknown but the attack lasted less than half an hour before the Soul Drinkers returned to their vessel and it translated from the system.

It can be assumed that the eldar are just as puzzled by the attack as it cost them no territory just a large number of dead.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Sector Control #34

"These creatures must be driven away before it's too late. We must stop the Tyranids no matter the cost."
"The cost? That would be the dying thing, right?" -
Unknown Guardsmen

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Metallo IV

Dark Eldar vs Sons of Tantalus

The first few weeks of the incursion had resulted in a series of Imperial victories. By the start of the month the Dark Eldar had been pushed back into the ash wastes between Factorum cities. Meanwhile four companies of Skitarii, supported by the Sons of Tantalus chapter of marines, continued to advance.

The Dark Eldar had suffered heavy casualties in the initial assault. The commanding Archon blamed his subordinates, branding them cowards before executing them. Their replacements proved to be made of sterner stuff. Some broached the idea of withdrawing and coming back with fresh reinforcements, and others suggested that it was a disastrous idea to so. The Archon agreed and made plans to advance once more, and not stop until they had enough slaves to make the losses worthwhile.

As two skitarii armies advanced, they began to swing south-east in an attempt to envelop the Dark Eldar force, exposing their right flank to the space marines. This proved to be a tactical error. The raiding xenos turned and charged straight into the space marine force, the weak point along the battle lines.

The two armies came into contact in an abandoned manufactorum, a necropolis of fallen machines. The Sons of Tantalus hunkered down into a defensive gunline formation and waited for the raiders to come to them. The Eldar did so with spiteful glee, despite taking losses from the start. Their jetbike raiders were skilled riders and able to scatter some of the space marines from the fortifications.

Although the engagement was very close, the tide of battle eventually swung in the favour of the xenos aggressors when they were able to enter vicious close quarters combat. Rather than lose too many of his men, the commander of the marine force called an organised retreat, which allowed the dark eldar to break the lines and away from the encircling skitarii.

Cometh The Devourer! - T'Lau

Tyranids vs Space Wolves

The Imperial advance on the planet of T'Lau was going well. The Tau were having real trouble halting that advance. The alien empire gained a brief respite when a fleet of Tyranid bioships crawled out of deep space at the edge of the system. The hive ships smashed through the Imperial and Tau fleets in the system and headed straight towards the main world of the system. The only Imperial force planetside capable of handling the initial deployment were the Space Wolves!

The tyranids deployed to the southen polar regions via spore pods. By the time the Space Wolves arrived mere hours later, the alien population had grown considerably. A battle plan was determined to bring down the main synapse creatures weakening their ability to fight. When combat was engaged, the plan proved difficult to enforce due to the sheer number of synapse organisms that had to be dealt with.

Combat teams were able cause casualties among the teeming hordes of gaunts, and even brought down a handful of hive tyrants, but it made no dent in the oncoming mass of bio-organisms. When it became clear that at this time they Imperium did not have the forces planetside to stop the advance, the Space Wolves withdrew to distant firebases, leaving the tyranids to slaughter their way through the Tau defenders.