Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sector Update #55

"My blood is the same color as yours. And what I do, I do to protect Holy Terra, same as you. You don't like how I do it, that's your prerogative. But there are things going on out there that you know nothing about. Threats to the human race that no one never hears about, because we stopped them. There are dangers all around us. And whether you like us or not, we may be all that stands between you and the abyss." - Inquisitor Butlerian

Failed Assault - Khemet III

Necrons vs Sons of Tantalus / Demiurg Mining Consortium.

Operating under their own judgement, the Sons of Tantalus commanded by Captain Democritus and assisted by a mercenary group of Demiurg, launched an attack on the necrons at Khemet III. It began well with the space marines capturing several tomb complexes, which they destroyed from within with melta bombs. The advance soon stalled as a wave of necron warriors and machines marched on their location.

The Sons of Tantalus fell back into the destroyed ruins and were successful in repelling a number of attempted assaults. As night fell on the third day a great sandstorm swept across the battlefield. The storm interfered with the space marines auspex scanners but did not impair the necrons ability to function.

When the necrons assaulted through the storm with fighter aircraft and releasing a shard of the C'tan, that was the turning point in the engagement. The aircraft strafed through the tactical squads and the demiurg. Captain Democritus and his terminator retinue engaged the C'tan in savage hand to hand combat, eventually slaying the monster.

The necrons soon overran the space marines with forces beyond number. The survivours escaped with an unconscious Democritus and fled back into the Warp.

Power Play - Pyros II

Night Lords vs Death Guard

Despite Abaddon's unification of the various traitor war bands in the Midas sector not everything has gone as he had hoped. There are still petty rivalries between his minions that must be overcome before the forces of Chaos sweep through this corner of space. One such rivalry has spilled out into open conflict in the Pyros system.

For some time the Night Lords and Death Guard have been uneasy allies, held together only by Kor Aven's charisma. But with his death the two legions have turned on one another. The Death Guard led by Typhous stormed the Night Lord's encampment smashing aside their defences and parameter guards.

Nurgle's favourites moved through the camp systematically wiping out enemy units and detonating their heavy artillery. When enemy numbers were reduced Typhous entered the battle and sought out the Night Lord's champion. The two engaged in mortal combat surrounded by Typhous' bodyguards. The champion did not last long, beheaded by the scythe swung by the champion of Nurgle.

In the aftermath, the Death Guard strung up the wounded and infected them with rot and disease as a warning to other war bands. Abaddon may rule Infernus, but Typhous would rule the Pyros system!

Relic Hunters - Midas Prime

Grey Knights vs Blood Angels

Following their return from Illiad the Blood Angels have set themselves up in a remote corner of Midas Prime while they await reinforcements. It appears that they returned with a relic of some kind from their battle. They made no secret that the chapters librarians were going to study it to see why the Night Lords may want it.

Butlerian's agents learnt of the relics existence and passed that information along to him. Inquisitor Butlerian assigned a detachment of Grey Knights to assault the Blood Angels, recover the relic and ensure that the chapter survivours were not tainted in the most terminal way possible.

The Grey Knights deployed via teleporters into the midst of the space marines. Already weakened both in body and in numbers from their battle on Illiad, the Blood Angels were slaughtered. The relic was recovered and transported aboard Butlerian's flagship. Only then did he inform Warmaster Xerxes of what had transpired and insist that when chapter reinforcements arrived they be told that there were no survivours from Illiad.

Operation Longsword - Illiad

Night Lords vs Blood Angels

The Imperium has launched a new offensive against the Chaos held world of Illiad. Warmaster Xerxes has ordered that in the Midas Sector the Imperium needs to focus on the Chaos threat. Spearheaded by elements of several space marine chapters the invasion of Illiad was named Operation Longsword.

The Blood Angels were assigned to strike at a Night Lords outpost several kilometres north west of the proposed Imperial landing site. The space marines planned to use this outpost to launch raids against the other traitor marines now massing against the offensive. They hoped this would destabilise the enemy lines and enable future gains.

During battle the Blood Angels encountered three companies of Night Lords who were ready for them. The Night Lords had observed the Imperial approach and laid an ambush for them in the hills approaching the outpost. This resulted in heavy casualties among the Blood Angels before they even reached the objective. They tried three times to assault the outpost and were driven back each time.

The Blood Angels took such heavy losses that they had to be pulled out of the attack to recuperate and request reinforcements from Baal.

The Black Reaving - Crastus

The Fated vs Ultramarines
A new offensive has been launched on in the Crastus campaign. The arrival of a ship marked with the colours of The Fated translated in from the Warp and began to deploy against a Imperial fortress located in the Southern polar region. In the initial assault The Fated managed to capture the main roads into and out of the region, several armed outposts and a weapons storage facility. The Ultramarine defenders were forced to retreat back into the heart of the fortress.
The Fated, led by champion Marius Kazon, stormed the fortress with fast moving assault squads breaching the outer wall and opening the gates from within. The Ultramarines attempted to fight as as a gun line but for ever chaos marine they dropped two of their own number fell. The battle was swiftly won  and the last Ultramarine put to the sword. The polar fortress was claimed by The Fated though for what purpose is currently unknown.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sector Update #54

"It is obvious you do not possess the fortitude to do what must be done and it has fallen on men such as myself to do it for you." - Captain Mik'al, Iron Hands chapter.

An End to the Hive? - T'Lau

Iron Hands vs Tyranids

An offensive was again launched to deal with the Tyranid threat this time led by the Iron Hands chapter. The attack was concentrated in two zones either side of the tyranid holdings in the so-called "dead man's hills". The Imperial Guard had managed in the months since the Space Wolves drove the Tyranids back, to capture all the territory surrounding and been able to contain the monstrous threat. The Iron Hands would now deal the final blow.

Within hours of the offensive starting, the Iron Hands had established a bridgehead and breached the outer defences. The attack was successful as the tyranid organisms were weak from lack of fresh bio-matter and the space marines annihilated every creature they could find with shot and shell.

Some among Xerxes advisors noted that this conflict was an unnecessary one and that the Imperium should have let the two alien races destroy one another so that the Imperial Guard could then move in to claim the world without such heavy loss of life.

Phyrric Victory - Fangol

Blood Angels vs Iron Hands

The Eldar occupation of Fangol has come to an end. Imperial forces have prove too strong and they have fled out into space pursued by the Imperial navy. But their farseers have put into place another manipulative act. Once more using their powerful psychic powers they have turned the Iron Hands and Blood Angels against one another.

The two chapters clashed on the ice fields each seeing the other as the hated eldar. It took a couple hours for the unnatural control to wear off but by then many marines on both sides had been slain or greviously wounded.

Both chapter masters cried a vow of vengeance against the Eldar and would see their kind driven from the Midas crusade!

Tau Reinforcements Defeat Chaos - Acastus Prime

Black Legion vs Tau Empire

With the arrival of reinforcements into the Medusa sector from the Tau homeworld the Empire has begun to orchestrate a series of engagements against the foes arrayed against them. The first war zone to benefit from their reinforcements was the war-torn Acastus Prime.

The new Tau commander, "Puresight", planned to deliver an attack along a broad front involving six of the newly arrived divisions. Troops already committed to the planetary invasion were reassigned to commander Puresight. Those troops had been holding a moving line for the last few weeks while the army waited for the reinforcements to arrive. Preparation for the attack included a bombardment of the enemy fortress and the surrounding ground. Fire warriors and kroot crept forward in the aftermath of the shelling, and as soon as the final shoot was fired they surged forwards through the ruins.

Some of the Black Legion marines guarding the fortress fled under the bombardment but enough remained to be a threat to the advancing aliens. It was intended that the surrounding territory be captured by the other divisions but this failed initially due to enemy resistance and entrenched heavy weapons. The Tau lost many infantry over the next several hours as the resistance points were located and destroyed.

Two days later the fire warriors were exhausted and running low on ammunition. Reserves were brought forward to replace them. The reserves fell under enemy bombardment. The Black Legion launched a counter attack but the returning fire forced them to go to ground. It was a mistake they would not live to regret. With the chaos marines out of the ruins they were quickly surrounded and eliminated. The forces of Chaos had been destroyed or driven from the planet's surface. Now the Tau had to deal with the Eldar ground troops on Acastus before they could claim this world.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Sector Update #53

"Inquisitor Butlerian spent the last year putting his people in key places. Anyone who raises a voice is immediately arrested and declared a traitor. Under conditions like that, it's .. it's easier to keep quiet." - Commander Vislor, advisor to Warmaster Xerxes.

Eldar Reclaim Maiden World - Medea

Inquisition Strike Force vs Craftworld Saim-Hann

With the Tyranid threat on the planet's surface contained for now, the Eldar turned their attention to the Imperial interlopers. The warriors of Craftworld Saim-Hann launched a daring raid onto the Imperial lines, slaughtered hundreds of loyal men and women. Their assault was blunted only the arrival of an Inquisitorial strike force led by Inquisitor Larren of the Ordos Xenos.

The Imperial Guard already weakened from fighting the Hive Mind retreated back to the evacuation transports while Larren's forces held back the aggressive Eldar. The Inquisition had come expecting to engage the Tyranids and so were under equipped for facing a steady swarm of jetbikes and aspect warriors. They managed, however, to hold off the aliens long enough for the rest of the Imperial forces to retreat into orbit. Larren's troops followed suit leaving Medea to the Eldar and the surviving Tyranid organisms.

On the flight back to the Midas Sector, Inquisitor Larren was accosted in his own quarters by an Eldar assassin. Though wounded in the struggle, he was able to defeat the Eldar. Before it died, it delivered a warning that Medea was for Eldar alone, and if other Human vessels came they would be destroyed.

Warriors of Ynnead Stave Off Defeat - Medea

Warriors of Ynnead vs Tyranids

In the aftermath of the Tyranid invasion of Medea, the Eldar ground forces were in total disarray. All attempts to combat the invading organisms had failed and the hive had expanded in all directions. While elements of all Craftworlds were involved, the Warriors of Ynnead focused on a specific talon of the invaders, sensing a single weak point that may be exploited.

In the days leading up to their assault, the Warriors carried out a series of minor raids to prepare their start line for the assault on the target talon. This involved a series of objectives that due to unforeseen actions went largely unclaimed. The main attack was to start as a pincer movement to blunt the vanguard organisms. Both detachments would advance under cover of night to within close range of where the creatures were feeding. After an initial bombardment, the two detachments were to rush in and sever the talon.

In the hours before sun rise the Warriors of Ynnead let lose with a massive artillery bombardment into the Tyranid hordes. As soon as the bombardment stopped several minutes later, the two detachments of ground troops rushed in. The first wave of infantry, made up of aspect warriors, was to push forwards, not stopping until they met their counterparts. Guardians and Dire Avengers followed in the rear to mop up any resistance. Surprise was not complete and in places the Tyranids met the advance with extreme firepower  and the Eldar were cut to pieces, but for the most part the plan was a success.

By midday the cavalry arrived in the form of two jetbike squadrons and a troupe of Harlequins, all of whom slammed into the severed tip of the talon. Caught between the two attacking forces, and with dwindling synapse creatures, the Tyranids were quickly annihilated over two hours of intense combat.

As predicted, something about that talon proved to be a weakness in the hive mind, and on the other fronts the Craftworlds were successful in destroying their foe. Any concerns or agendas they had towards the Warriors of Ynnead were cast aside. But the battle was no over yet, for great swathes of countryside still held rogue organisms and the bioships still remained in orbit, slowly feasting on the collected bio matter.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Year #1 Update

The Imperium set out a year ago to reclaim the Midas sector from the forces of Chaos, and bring any survivors from those worlds back into the light of the Emperor. The crusade had a hard time due to the sheer number of chaos marines under the command of the infamous Kor Aven, and the unexpected presence of alien forces slowed down attempts to recapture those worlds.
After a few months the war spilt out into the neighbouring Perseus and Medusa sectors drawing valuable troops away from the front lines of the Midas sector. In fact the Imperium seems to do more fighting outside of the original war zone that in it these days.
For now the Imperium has a hold on the outer worlds of the Midas sector with an eye over the coming year to pushing forwards until the battle fleet stands above Infernus itself and the Chaos threat can be purged.

The forces of Chaos in the Midas sector started out under the banner of Kor Aven, a war lord of the Word Bearers legion. Drawing various legions and war bands to his fortress on Infernus, he sent them forth to wage war on the Imperial incursion. The unexpected arrival of alien forces slowed down his war against the Imperium. After some months Kor Aven was slain in brutal close combat with the Ultramarines. For a time his throne lay empty and the forces of Chaos fought against one another in a brief civil war. Then Abaddon the Despoiler, fresh from the wars around the Cadian Gate arrived in the sector. He has claimed the throne of Infernus and is biding his time, preparing the gathered troops for the time he is ready to drive the servants of the false emperor out of the Midas sector.
In the surrounding sectors, warbands largely unconnected to Abaddon's forces have arisen to plague the Imperium. Abaddon seeks to unite these rogues under his banner and expand his conquest into the surrounding systems. Most importantly, the legions are seeking the whereabouts of an ancient Dark Mechanicus relic known as the Sun Killer, a weapon capable of destroying an entire planet!

The Farseers of Iyanden sensed on the strands of fate that the coming human crusade would awaken the ancient Destrakhen Dynasty of the Necrons. Fearful that this powerful Necron force would swarm across their ancient domain and from there out in the surrounding sectors. Pulling the other Craftworlds together they work to prevent the Imperium or the forces of Chaos from awakening this  threat. Unfortunately it has not worked. For every victory the Eldar make against the Imperium, the Necron forces claim more and more territory.
But all is not well in the Eldar camp. The Farseers of Craftworld Altansar have sensed that it not the Necrons which pose the greatest threat but the forces of Chaos. Attempts to convince the remaining Craftworlds have fallen on deaf ears. Altansar has considered that it may need to actually wage war against their fellows if their concerns are not addressed.

The Destrakhen Dynasty once ruled this entire region millions of years ago until it was cast down by a combined force of ancient Eldar and the Old Ones. They retreated into hibernation beneath the tombs worlds of their empire until such time as their ancient enemies were all dust.
The Imperium's war against the forces of Chaos have begun to awaken the warriors of this ancient empire. After several set backs the Necrons have begun to rebuild on their distant outposts and this has allowed them to regain their strength largely unnoticed. In recent months they have driven aliens from their capital in the Khemet system and now cast their eyes upon the remnants of their fallen empire.

Tau Empire.
Years before the Imperium started the crusade, the Tau had annexed several worlds in the Medusa sector. The time has come for them to expand again, inducting the neighbouring worlds into their empire. This had gone largely ignored by the Imperium until a Tau expeditionary force became lost and crashed into the Midas sector. Now their expansion is being hit hard by the Imperium and alien forces seeking weak prey.
The hardest blow came when a vital world staged a coup and defected to the Farsight Enclaves. The Tau must decide whether to focus on the enemies surrounding them or attempt to reclaim the lost world from the hands of the traitor Farsight.

Orks were only a minor annoyance for the crusade until the arrival of Waaagh Ghazghkull. The mighty Ork warlord landed on Volistad, capitol of the Perseus sector. The Imperium failed to support the planet and within two months it was crawling with greenskins. From there Ghazghkull's boyz have spread out into neighbouring worlds and sectors. The mighty Prophet of the Waaagh is building his forces ready for when he claims the worlds of these sectors.

The worlds of the Midas sector lie in the path of a terrifying threat that may be the end of all who fight here. A mighty Tyranid hive fleet designated Amorak has set it's sights on the bio-rich worlds in this corner of space. So far only the tips of the tendrils have reached into the Midas and surrounding sectors but the damage caused has been significant.
The biggest threat has come from a foolish mistake by the Biologis sept of the Mechanicus. They had attempted to study the bioforms of Amorak in a controlled environment. When communications ceased, a task force dispatched to Grimlock found the complex destroyed and the death world overrun by Tyranid organisms.

Farsight Enclaves.
The Enclaves initially had no interest in the wars of the Midas sector but when one Tau world sought them out and offered to secede Farsight could not refuse. Whether or not Farsight will consolidate this world and then expand his territory is yet to be seen. However, first they must deal with an Ork incursion if they are to have a future in the sector.

Dark Eldar.
The Dark Eldar have no plans to seize territory. They are using the pandemonium of the wars to raid the participants for slaves. As such for now the Dark Eldar only play a minor role in the Midas sector.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sector Update #52

"You cannot see the battle for what it is. We are fighting to save one another, we must realize we are not alone. We rise and fall together. And some of us must be sacrificed if all are to be saved. Because, if we fail in this, then none of us will be saved. And the Eldar will be only a memory." - Farseer Solon, Craftworld Altansar.

The Devourer Rises - Medea

Tyranids vs Warriors of Ynnead

Om Medea the great armies of the Imperium and the Craftworlds were engaged in non-stop battle for possession of this ancient planet. The Imperial forces were sorely tested but by sheer determination and ruthlessness they held on.

Things were about to change with the arrival of Hive Fleet Amarok from the dark depths of space. The great shadow in the warp prevented both sides from seeking aid from elsewhere. Under mounting pressure the Eldar began to withdraw from the front lines, preparing for the Tyranid arrival. The guardians dug trenches and prepared great bulwarks to step the inevitable tide of flesh that was coming. The Imperium, lacking the same resources, simply stood their ground and waited for the spore pods to fall.

The spore pods fell with incredible accuracy into the Eldar lines, spilling lesser organisms into the sites of the alien warriors. The Eldar opened up with everything they had, making it impossible for the Tyranids to advance into their lines. Then came the monstrous creatures pushing the lesser creatures aside and smashing through the defences.

The commander of the Warriors of Ynnead barely managed to escape with his life, such was the speed at which the Tyranids smashed the defenders aside. The Eldar were in full retreat, having lost thousands of their warriors to the great devourer. The Eldar lines in general were overextended and unable to halt the initial Tyranid attack.

After a week of heavy fighting, the Eldar were forced further back, giving ground to the monsters before them. Only the Hive's desire to devour the flesh of the fallen gave the Eldar any grace. High above, the capillery towers began to grow, reaching up to feed the great bio ships that even now blotted out the stars and the sun.

Alien Trickery Afoot - Fangol

Sons of Tantalus vs Blood Angels

The war against the Eldar on Fangol has stepped up and the foul aliens are being driven from that world by the inexhaustible might of the Emperor's armies. Assisting in the endeavour at the heart of the conflict were detachments from the Sons of Tantalus and Blood Angels chapters. The retreating Eldar had one last trick up their sleeve however. The Farseers of Iyanden and Alaitoc drew upon their psychic might and twisted the minds of the space marines, turning them upon one another. Only Mephiston was immune but he had little choice but to side with his battle brothers against the Sons of Tantalus.

Their engagement was brief in the dead of night as the cold winds of Fangol buffeted them from the north. The Sons of Tantalus used long range firepower to keep the Blood Angels at a distance, forcing their fellow chapter to request support from the orbiting battle barge. Drop pods slammed down all around, dropping dreadnoughts and death company marines into the heart of the fight. Against such a foe, and manipulated by foul sorcery, the Sons of Tantalus could not stand.

It was only when the last marine fell that the sorcery fell from their eyes. Thankfully the Blood Angel apothecaries were able to save many of the fallen marines but the incident would cloud their relations for years to come.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Iron Hands land on Voidspar - Voidspar

Necrons vs Iron Hands

A company of Iron Hands dispatched to strike against the Necron forces growing on Voidspar made planet fall just after dawn less than a kilometre from the enemy outpost. Their strike cruiser remained in orbit to deliver an orbital bombardment if necessary. The engagement was short lived. The Necron forces operating on Voidspar was far larger than the Imperial overseers had predicted. It was also discovered that they had eradicated the Ork presence months ago and the Imperium had not realised.

The Iron Hands were unable to return to their ship due to it suffering heavy damage from ground installations and was forced to withdraw. The Iron Hands space marines were quickly surrounded and eliminated.

When word reached Warmaster Xerxes his advisors began to fear that the Necrons might actually be strong enough to overthrow the Imperium in the Midas Sector with ease.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sector Update #51

"Activate weapon systems, launch all fighters, and if the Eldar move, shoot them. If they don't move, shoot twice. They're probably hiding something." - Admiral Passek, Legacy of Penitence.