Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sector Update #63

"They're coming through! Repeat, they're coming through! This is Outpost 42. They're all over the place. .. They're killing us. Can anyone hear me? They're killing us."

The Shadow Descends - D'Then

Tyranids vs Tau Empire

As the hive fleet draws ever closer from the depths of space, the vanguard reaches into the heart of the Tau expansion and dares to consume D'Then.

The might of the Tau Empire mobilised ready to defend their world once more. Anti-air batteries let rip as the first spore pods descended from orbit. It was not enough to stem the assault and soon the landing zones were buried under an infinite tide of gaunts. The Firewarriors opened fire to halt the tide but in doing so they ignored the newly arrived monstrous creatures who batted their own heavy units aside.

Amorak smashed aside the initial defenders and secured suitable sites for new birthing pools. The Tau continue to fight a retreat against the growing horde of monsters. A call for help has gone out but the Tau worlds have troubles of their own.

WAAAAGGH! Ghazghull Unstoppable - Ventara

Orks vs Warriors of Ynnead

In response to the arrival of the Eldar on Ventara was for the orks to charge enthusiastically into their lines. With the Tau out of the line of fire, the Eldar suffered the full onslaught. The greenskin horde slammed into the Eldar, engaged in close range firefights and close combat. Having been equipped to battle the Tau, the Eldar were unprepared for the number of greenskins.

The engagement was brief with the orks slaughtering every Eldar. Their heads set up as a warning not to return to Ventara.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sector Update #62

"There is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities, it is against Chaos and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender. The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition, to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future, or where it will take us. We know only that it is always born in pain." - Farseer Solon, Craftworld Altansar

Amarok Defiant - Volistad

Orks vs Hive Fleet Amarok

+++ Imperial Transcript #24776 +++
Warmaster Xerxes, it has come to our attention that a new warzone has broken out in the Volistad system. Reports have reached us that the tyranid organisms of Hive Fleet Amarok have made planetfall upon that system's primary world. The Orks have mobilised to defend the planet and fighting has broken out across the surface. For now they seem able to contain the organisms but I recommend that we pay close attention to the situation lest it overflows into the surrounding worlds.
Thought for the Day: Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

Eldar Invasion of the Enclave - Ventara

Craftworld Alaitoc vs Farsight Enclave

In an attempt to create a protective buffer zone around Medea, the warriors of Craftworld Alaitoc launched an attack on the Tau forces on Ventara. The assault was timed to catch the Enclave ground troops in between the attacking Eldar and the vast swarm of orks. The Enclave Tau now hopelessly outmatched and with no room to manoeuvre lost almost a third of their entire planetary military might before a means of escape appeared.

The Eldar quickly moved in to seize territory and allow for reinforcements to arrive. Ventara was now split between the surviving elements of the Farsight Enclave, the Orks and the Eldar aggressors. Alaitoc would not stop until they had secured the worlds surrounding Medea, and then they would seek to drive all before them as they dominated the Midas Sector.

The Eldar Civil War Begins - Medea

Craftworld Alaitoc vs Warriors of Ynnead

It has been some time since the leaders of the Craftworlds have met to discuss the war effort. As before things did not go well. The Craftworlds have become divided as to the nature of the threat they need to combat. Iyanden argue that the Necrons as the greatest threat and point to the recent string of victories they have achieved, even invading the Imperium's base of operations. Altansar counter that with Abaddon on the throne of Infernus that Chaos has become a much overlooked threat. Alaitoc demands that the Imperium be dealt with before any other threat. After days of sabre rattling, the leaders went back to their commands. Alliances have strengthened and others snapped. The Eldar will go their own way now but events have been set in motion to lead to an Eldar civil war.

The first strike was by Alaitoc whose fleet above Medea took down the wraithships of Iyanden in space, and launched a ground assault against them. The Warriors of Ynnead who had tried valiantly to keep the peace deployed to protect the Iyanden troops as they departed via the webway portals. The first shots of this civil war were brief but devastating. Iyanden lost ships in space and the Warriors suffered heavy casualties defending them.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tau Expansion - Hermes IV

Tau Empire vs Dark Angels

A Tau invasion force broke through the Hermes orbital defence perimeter on 100314. Ground forces were quickly deployed to assault key Imperial targets. The Imperial defence forces prepared to counter-attack the invaders on the left flank. To gather enough forces for the objective Imperial Governor called in reinforcements from surrounding systems and requested aid from a passing Dark Angels battle barge.

After several days of heavy fighting the Tau broke through the Imperial lines of defence and marched upon the hive of Hermes Prime. The resident PDF and civilian defenders started to organise a resistance and build field fortifications, a waiting a long siege. Ill-equipped defenders were sent to the front lines and fought in several battles but were unable to stop the numerical and technologically superior Tau forces.

The arrival of the Dark Angels helped to bolster the defenders and initially helped keep the Tau out of the hive city. However, Hermes Prime was endangered by encirclement. Initial attempts by the space marines to assault the enemy did not go well and the Dark Angels lost many battle brothers.

The opening engagement of the war for Hermes IV was a disaster for the Imperium. Most of the defenders were annihilated. While the hive city fell to the Tau invaders the bravery of the Dark Angels did allow the defenders of nearby hive cities to bolster their defences.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sector Update #61

"We represent the greatest war force ever assembled! Conquest is assured!" - Krasis, Black Legion.

Abaddon's Revenge Thawarted - Pyros II

The Fated vs The Black Legion

Abaddon's wrath knows no limit. When the Fated repulsed his Alpha Legion mercenaries, he assembled a new assault force and placed it under the command of Typhus. Their orders were to strike at the Fated's base an orbiting moon, wipe them out to a man and erase the war band from the history record.

Utilising the dark sorcery of the Thousand Sons, the assault force materialised from the Warp in the heart of the Fated's base. Swarms of zombies moved out to soak the incoming fire while the Black Legion marines set up their attack positions. Meanwhile on the opposing side, Marius Kazon rallied his men to prepare for battle. The Fated had defeated Abaddon's revenge days earlier and this time Marius would ensure that the Despoiler would understand the folly of his actions.

The battle swiftly changed from a short range fire fight into a savage close combat. Marius and Typhus both cut a bloody swath through the enemy marines. Marius insigated many challenges, gathering the heads of fallen champions. His greatest triumph came when the he clashed with the infamous Typhus. Scythe and blade swung and clashed many times, arcs of energy leaping from them to strike down marines who got too close. At last Marius drove Typhus to his knees and with a swing sent the lord of death's head reeling from his shoulders. The gods of Chaos would not let Typhus remain dead for long, but for now, the sight of Marius holding his head aloft was enough to turn the tide of battle!

The Fall of Pelias - Pelias IX

Warriors of Ynnead vs Blood Angels

After almost a year of intense fighting on Pelias IX the Eldar ground forces were ready to assault the last Imperial bastion of defence on the planet, Borys Hive. Repeated attempts to breach the hive city were repelled and so it was decided that the Eldar would need to focus all fire on the main gates.

The Warriors of Ynnead led the assault at the main gate where they were met by a contingent of Blood Angels death company led by Tycho himself. Although numerically inferior, the Warriors of Ynnead were able to surprise the space marines, and after a short skirmish, drive them back into the city. The Imperial defenders retreated into space and fled the system leaving Pelias in the hands of the Eldar.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

By The Despoiler's Command - Pyros II

The Fated vs Alpha Legion / Traitor Guard.

This engagement came about as part of an ill fated attempt by Abaddon the Despoiler to force a reunification between the Fated and the Black Legion. Abaddon was displeased to have even a single war band in the Midas wars who were not loyal to himself.

Having anticipated that Abaddon might do just such an action the Fated were well prepared and managed to catch the dispatched Alpha Legion before they were fully deployed. The battle started with the Fated attempting to separate the Alpha Legion from their traitor guard allies. One of the assaulting divisions managed to entrap a guard company but after a short skirmish were defeated. The Fated commander then sent in the reserve squads but they lacked the heavy weapons to prevent the traitor guard from joining up with the Alpha Legion. Because of that the Fated's offensive faltered. Once united they broke through the Fated's containment and managed to assault them from both sides.

This created a gap in the Fated's front and endangered the rear of their lines. The commander of the Fated, ordered a counter-assault group to be created out of all available reserves. The counter-assault started in the early hours of 100314.M41. The Fated caught the enemy by surprise. Although the forces of both sides were more or less equal, the surprise was decisive and the Alpha Legion sounded a retreat after a short skirmish. After a successful counter attack, the Fated had made there position very clear.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sector Update #60

"When you become obsessed with the enemy, you become the enemy." - Demiurg Mining Captain.

Eldar Carve Out New Territory - Rakdos

Imperial Guard vs Warriors of Ynnead.

The recent alliance of Imperium and Eldar to remove the tyranid menace on Rakdos was over. The Eldar refused to leave and the Imperial might mobilise to defeat an enemy they could handle easily.

The main attack was led by the Cadian 477th who attacked the Eldar outposts along the Alabast Expanse. Those outposts were defended by troops from the Warriors of Ynnead who were well prepared to defend against such a full on assault across multiple targets.

The Cadians could not fully exploit their numerical advantage until the collapse of the Eldar line at the ruins of Al-Basim. Attempting to compensate the Eldar fell to fighting in piecemeal formations.The turning point came when the Imperial commander order those troops at Al-Basim to hold their ground and secure the objective. This reduced the threat that could have driven the Eldar under. Instead it gave them the opportunity to consolidate and counter-attack.

The Eldar then swiftly defeated the ground troops in the south and move north to pincer the Imperium in between the two Eldar detachments. Surrounded and with no way to retreat they were crushed under the alien's heel. Any survivors found their way back to the Imperial lines where they were executed for desertion.

In the days to come the Eldar pushed out from the Alabast Expanse and took a number of mining communities as well as two promethium refineries vital to Imperial supply lines in the sector.

Mysterious Discovery - Hermes IV

Grey Knights vs Farsight Enclave / Demiurg Mining Consortium

The battle of Draugr was the final battle in the recent invasion of the Hermes system by the Farsight Enclave. The Imperial forces were bolstred by the arrival of Grey Knights returning to the Midas sector and their presence would turn the tide.

The front lines around the city of Draugr were relatively peaceful as both sides were stuck in a stalemate unable to really influence the war. With distraction organised to the south, the Grey Knights were able to teleport into the city and recapture it with a surprise raid. What they found was disturbing. Among the ruins the Tau had uncovered what might be part of the Star Killer device and the stalemate had allowed them to uncover it.

Now aware of Imperial reinforcements, the Enclave forces along with a detachment of demiurg returned to retake the device. The battle took place under harsh conditions as the weather turned sour in the days leading up to the assault. At night temperatures dropped to a bitter -30 degrees (-22 F). Only a small force survived reach the excavation site where they had to contend with the Grey Knights. Though only a small force they were more than a match for the Tau who were forced to retreat.

With the device in the hands of the Imperium, the Tau pulled their forces from the surface and returned to deep space. Now they have what they are looking for, the Imperium must continue to search for the other three pieces.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Alien Aggressors March on Sector Capital - Midas Prime

Necrons vs Grey Knights

The attack that Warmaster Xerxes had feared for over a year has come to pass. The armies of the Necron dynasty have materialised on the surface of Midas Prime. The machines begin by exterminating anyone they encounter regardless of civilian or military designation. Thousands were destroyed before anyone even knew they were there. Imperial forces mobilised quickly once their presence was detected.

Hive Alpha Twelve was the designated point of attack for Inquistor Butlerian's ground forces. The Grey Knights marched to the defence of the hive's inhabitants. At first the mighty fist of the space marines was enough to keep them back but the Grey Knights were few compared to the march of the machines. The Necrons moved systematically through the streets, level through level, until the Grey Knights were ordered to retreat. All living things were eradicated and by night fall Hive Alpha Twelve was the new capital of the Necon dynasty upon Midas Prime.

Chaos Defeated - D'Then

Tau Empire vs Black Legion

Following the recent raid by elements of the war band known as the Fated, a detachment of Black Legion traitor marines launched their own attack upon what they thought was a weakly defended Tau colony.

Over six hundred Black Legion troops deployed and quickly captured three small Tau cities before the aliens managed to organise a defence. Initially the Tau were repulsed, unable to breach the defences of those cities. It was soon decided that each city would have be retaken one at a time if the chaos marines were to be defeated. Due to the damage caused by the Fated, reinforcements were unable to arrive in time and the Tau were forced to fight with the survivors of the first attack wave, meaning they were greatly outnumbered.

The first city fell within a day, and the second less than a week later. The Black Legion retreated to the site of their initial landing where the battle for D'Then would take place. The two armies clashed on the open plains where the Tau had better range and superior firepower, compensating for their reduced numbers. Finally, the chaos marines launched an assault which caused heavy losses but it allowed the Tau forces and their Kroot allies to drive the attackers back and wipe them out.

D'Then was once again free from alien aggression.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Peace Talks Interrupted - Volcanis

Blood Angels vs Farsight Enclave / Sons of Tantalus

The war on Hermes IV has been locked into a stalemate for months. The Imperial defenders seemed unable to dislodge the Tau of the Farsight Enclave. Eventually, the Sons of Tantalus decided to make an offer of peace to the Enclave. If a peaceful settlement could be reached then perhaps the Enclave could be used to assist humanity against the encroaching Tyranid and Ork threats.

The Enclave commander agreed to a temporary cease fire to discuss a peaceful solution providing it would take place on neutral ground. However, others in the Imperium had other ideas. The Blood Angels chapter took offence to the idea of a peaceful solution and attacked the peace conference as they gathered on a moon of Volcanis. Unwilling to betray the convention, the Sons of Tantalus sided with the Enclave.

The Tau died quickly to the Blood Angels. The Sons of Tantalus attempted to defend them but found the enraged Blood Angels impossible to stop. The surviving marines were rounded up and transported away to be questioned for their actions.

Sector Update #59

"No tyranny has ever really lasted. No government based on violence has endured. Sooner or later, they all fall. We're here to build a new life for ourselves, a home among the stars. Would you build a home on a foundation you knew would not last?" - Commander Farsight.

Battle for the Shrine - Callista VI

Imperial Guard vs Orks

A small attack force of orks arrived in the war-torn Callista system and engaged the Imperial defenders. The kill kroozers were obliterated but not before a small detachment of greenskins reached the surface of the shrine world. The Imperial defence forces turned from their assigned duties and engaged the orks. The orks attackers were swiftly crushed in a vicious firefight between the tombs and cathedrals, but the defenders suffered horrible casualties as a result.

Outer system picket ships detected the approach of several more ork ships and relayed the information to the main Imperial fleet above Urbis requesting assistance. Would help come in time?

Operation Thunderclap Fails - T'Lau

Blood Angels vs Tyranids

Operation Thunderclap begab with a threefold assault on the Tyranid hives in the Massi Salient. The main attack was made against the south flank by two companies of Blood Angels marines. On the right was a number of newly promoted scout squads whose job was to keep the massed horrors distracted.

Despite an thoroughly prepared plan of attack, things did not go well for the space marines. There were more gaunts and lesser organisms than first expected which slowed their advance into the Salient. By the time those battle brothers reached the target, wounded and low on ammunition, they found a wave of monstrous creatures waiting for them. Even with the experience that the Blood Angels have with fighting the Hive Mind, it could not save them. The chapter mourns their loss and the loss of their gene seed.

Slave Raid Repelled - Volistad

Orks vs Dark Eldar

Three waves of Eldar raiders descended upon the greenskin held world of Volistad seeking fresh slaves for their gladiatorial arenas. What should have been a simple slave raid turned into a bloody massacre. Although the Dark Eldar had a technological advantage, the Orks were able to lay waste to every strike and even captured some raiders in return.

The Ork victory was not particularly impressive or showy, but it highlighted the Ork ability to resist even superior hit and run raids that made the piratical Eldar think twice before coming back here again. While most engaged in the wars surrounding this system paid no notice, there were those who saw this as a potential opportunity for the months ahead.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Slave Deal Goes Sour - Illiad

The Fated vs Dark Eldar

The Fated brought their recently captured slaves to Illiad looking to trade ten thousand slaves in return for some unknown alliance or deal with the Dark Eldar. Whatever the situation, the deal went wrong and battle ensured. Neither side trusted the other and were ready for signs of attack.

The alien slavers smote the force commander and ordered his warriors to capture the Chaos marines. Things did not go well for the Fated as many of their number were dropped by combat drugs and by debilitating wounds. Such casualties were dragged off along with the captured Imperial slaves.

The Fated survivours flee but the Dark Eldar lay claim to the local site and begin speeding away to strike at nearby Chaos outposts.

Chaos Stands - Pyros II

The Fated vs Craftworld Alaitoc

The Eldar of Alaitoc launched an expeditionary force to Pyros in order to test the defenders of that system. After a number of recent losses the Farseer's need to generate a victory if the Eldar moral is to be salvaged.

Upon their arrival, the Eldar launched into battle against an outpost controlled by a small number of The Fated. The Chaos marines launched a counter-attack, charging from their fortress to engage in brutal hand to hand combat. Had the Eldar been able to launch an artillery assault beforehand things might have been different, but the sheer ferocity of the marines forced the Eldar into retreat.

The Eldar fell back within hours of the initial attack but their ships remained in the system, hounded by Chaos attack craft.

On The Firing Line - D'Then

The Fated vs Tau Empire

The Fated's next strike was against the Tau held world of D'Then. Tau system patrol ships destroyed several support ships before the main battle barges smashed them aside to deploy ground troops into the equatorial desert regions. The chaos marines attacked a number of promethium refineries, taking what they needed and fleeing back into space.

At station X43 the Fated encountered a military patrol who having heard the panicked distress calls from other refineries opened fire with everything they had. This inflicted heavy casualties upon the Chaos marines who had not expected a powerful defending force. The Tau fell into a defensive formation around the drill head and requsted reinforcements.

The Fated attacked in a series of waves designed to test the defences and ultimately found a weak point. Care not to damage the refining equipment they concentrated their attack against that line of defenders and breached the facility. Once the Chaos marines were within their ranks the Tau had no chance of stopping them. Alien blood pooled into the hot sand.

The Fated collected all the fuel they needed and then left a message behind that laid claim to the planet's fuel reserves. If the Tau wished to survive, they would not interefere in future.

Battle for Crastus Hive - Crastus

The Fated vs Imperial Guard

The battle began at approximately 6am with a well planned barrage of heavy weapons followed by a creeping barrage from acquired Imperial armour. The Imperial defenders had expected and prepared for this eventuality, reinforcing their walls and hunkering down to weather the storm.

The Fated besieged the final bastion of the Imperium on Crastus at the head of a much larger Chaos force. It quickly fell into a series of running battles among the ruins once the outer walls fell. The Imperial Guard defenders put up a brave and valiant fight but were no match for the might of the traitor marines. Slowly, strategic objectives were captured and the Imperial forces pushed into retreat towards the centre of the hive where it was easier to contain them.

The planetary governor's head was mounted atop the battlements at the dawn of the next day. Over 10,000 Imperial soldiers were captured and marched onto the Fated's waiting drop ships for a fate only the insane dare question. Once their prize was loaded, the Fated departed the system leaving the planet to the Chaos war bands and the newly arrived Ork horde.