Friday, 25 April 2014

Sector Update #67

"I never fight against the inevitable, it's a vain occupation. But I would advise you to reconsider what you consider to be inevitable. It is amazing how often apparent defeat can be turned into victory." - Marneus Calgar, Ultramarines chapter master.


Slay the Corrupt - Pyros II

Grey Knights vs Blood Angels.

For a few weeks now the Blood Angels have been waging war against the Chaos marines on Pyros II. Largely successful they have captured much territory from the traitors. However, during a recent raid upon a fallen librarium the space marines have recovered a tome of lore left behind from the days when Kor Aven ruled the sector.

Unknown to the Blood Angels, their time on the Chaos stronghold has been monitored by the Grey Knights who fear that the rage within the chapter could easily be turned against the Emperor's light. When the tome was discovered the Ordo Malleus requested that it be handed over to them. When the company commander refused, battle was immediately joined.

The Grey Knights fought primarily to secure the traitorous tome but some within the chapter had already marked the Blood Angels as fallen, and were taking no chances. Among them was Grand Master Mordrak, accompanied by his spiritual ghost knights, who put many in the space marine company down. Enough damage was done to the Blood Angels that Mordrak seized the book from the dead hands of the company master. He ordered a withdrawal and warned the Blood Angels to obey the Holy Ordos in all things.

Where The Shadows Lie - Medea

Warriors of Ynnead vs Dark Eldar

On 240414.M41 Dark Eldar forces snuck onto Medea through dark and meandering webway passages known to only a few. They surrounded one of the larger Craftworld settlements and began to launch repeated raids against them. Their masters in the dark city of Commorragh demanded success in the sector where all others had failed.

After some initial confusion the defenders of the settlement began to consolidate and form a resistance, and push the piratical raiders back. For three days the Dark Eldar launched wave after wave into their prey but only succeeded in containing them. Few slaves were taken in comparison to the raider's dead. It soon became apparent that no further gains would be had before others came to investigate the lack of communications, and the Dark Eldar melted back into the shadows with what few prizes they had claimed.

Clash of Empires - Ventara

Tau Empire vs Farsight Enclave / Demiurg Mining Consortium

For the first time in the wars that envelop the Midas sector, the Tau Empire and the splinter Farsight Enclave come together in war. The Empire continues to seek opportunities for expansion and as events are not going well for the Enclave on Ventara the Tau move in.

When the Tau made planet fall some distance from the front lines, Commander Blacksun instituted what he called his "grand scheme" in the south. The initial objectives were to eliminate Enclave frontier outposts and to test reaction to a series of small incursions. Despite incessant rains, the Empire captured three outposts within a week.

Gor'hai, the most important of the outposts, was known as a stronghold for Enclave commander Shadowblade. With approximately 3000 troops under his command, Shadowblade had turned the outpost into a heavily armed camp. The Empire started by attempted carpet bombing by high altitude aircraft and Shadowblade himself operated the single anti-air cannon which had been mounted onto the roof of an old fort.

During one of the bombings Shadowblade was badly wounded but fearful of his troops morale refused to visit the infirmary. Within 48 hours the wound had become infected and Shadowblade died from his injuries. The Enclave commander had been correct about the morale of his men, and when the Empire assaulted the outpost many either fled or were so afraid that their ability to fight was compromised. Only the sudden arrival of a Demiurg company bolstered the forces and allowed them the opportunity to fight back.

Battle was joined under a hot sun and casualties were high for both sides. The Empire had great numbers of troops and the Enclave were forced into a defencive holding pattern which could not hold. Gor'hai fell less than a day later.

Retribution for the Innocent - Minora IV

Ultramarines vs Grey Knights

It has recently come to the attention to Marneus Calgar, chapter master of the Ultramarines, that the Grey Knights though absent from recent engagements have been working behind the scenes to further Inquisitor Lord Butlerian's agenda. Through the war zones dominating the Perseus and Medusa sectors, there have been severe loss of life among Imperial civilians. It has now come to light that Butlerian has been using the civilian populations as sacrificial lures to bring the enemy into the cross hairs of the military. Angered by such a blatant disregard for life, even given the number of threats arrayed against the Imperium, Calgar orders his men to Minora IV to once more teach Butlerian a lesson.

The Ordo Malleus forces stationed on the old forge world had no reason to believe that the Ultramarin strike cruisers entering orbit wanted anything more than to rearm and resupply. When the void shields fell to orbital bombardment, followed by swarms of drop pods slamming into the parameter they knew something was up. The Ultramarines fought not to kill but to subdue their Inquisitorial brothers. Although the Grey Knights did not reciprocate, the Ultramarines took few losses and captured many more. Eventually Butlerian took to the field and demanded a cease fire and an explanation.

Despite the Inquisitor's explanation Calgar refused to accept it. "The people of the Imperium are not simple sheep to be herded into the jaws of death but the very people that we must fight to protect" countered the chapter master. Unable and unwilling to test the might of the Ultramarines who could once again sway the other chapters into a conflict against the Inquisiton, Butlerian acquiesced for now but circumstances dictate the fortunes of war.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sector Update #66

"You said that a warrior does not fear death. You said that death is only one of the consequences, neither valued nor feared above the other. Death is merely a release from our obligations. Why then are you afraid, Dark Angel? Have you put your own concerns above the Imperium?" - Mephiston, Blood Angels

Flesh for the Devourer - Bantis V


Tyranids vs Dark Eldar.

After a dormancy of some months the Tyranid hive on Bantis has awoken and swarms of monsters scuttle across the planet's surface. Two Dark Eldar slave pens were overrun in a matter of hours. Afterwards they encountered heavy resistance. Two days later the Tyranids smashed through the defenders and another outpost was destroyed. The invaders had become unstoppable.

In the aftermath the Dark Eldar have become scattered and disorganised capable only of conducting raids against the ravening hordes.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

One Step Closer - Acastus Prime


Warriors of Ynnead vs Tau Empire

The Tau continue to fight a long drawn out war to drive the Eldar from Acastus Prime but thus far a stalemate has arisen. Both armies are highly manoeuvrable and neither seem capable of forcing the other to stay put long enough to fight. The tide of the war changed when the largest Tau force yet assembled on Acastus made camp in the lowlands of the Katha Plains. The opportunity was too good not to risk and a force from the Warriors of Ynnead used stealth technology to reach the enemy in preparation for a close quarters assault.

As they reached the perimeter their fortunes changed. The Tau had dug a series of covered trenches and hidden a company of fire warriors. The elder were surrounded! A fire fight ensued as the Warriors of Ynnead tried to fight a retreat through the Tau lines. They were successful but lost almost half their initial number.

The Eldar battle plans had assumed that the larger Tau force would be crippled if not destroyed, but this victory allowed the Tau to strike at undefended Eldar targets and pushing them in the right direction to claim the planet once and for all.

Terror on the Ice - Fangol

Dark Angels vs Tyranids

There has been no word from Fangol for some time but after the recent wars to return it to Imperial control such was perhaps to have been expected. The truth of the matter was far far worse. From the depths of space a tendril of Hive Fleet Amarok crept into the system blanketing any astropathic communication. Only a token Imperial force including a Dark Angels outpost waited below to engage the hive.

To start with the orbiting bioships deployed smaller organisms to the surface scattered over a wide area. The Dark Angels started to mop up these landing sites in an attempt to slow the tyranids gaining a foothold on Fangol. At first it worked but the bioships simply deployed spore pods across the surface of the ice world in response.

The Imperial forces were too few to handle this expanded threat and retreated to the confines of the Dark Angel fortress to regroup and plan a strategy to stop Amarok and get word to Midas Prime.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sector Update #65

"A Commissar once told me: 'The person is expendable, the job is not.' We keep going." - Commander Adamski, Cadian 112th.

Battle for the Wall - Urbis III


Imperial Guard vs Tyranids

For weeks now the Imperial Guard have successfully contained the tyranid organisms on the surface of Urbis III. This holding pattern has allowed a large number of population to evacuate to a fortress called The Wall. Designed to being held against any invading threat, the planetary leaders and the commanders of the PDF have fallen back here to hold out the war.

On 100414.M41 the Tyranids finally breached the Imperial cordon and overran three of the hive cities on the western frontier, and placing them within days of assaulting The Wall. The best of the PDF were deployed to aid in the defence of the outer defences but preparations were incomplete when the hive appeared on the horizon.

The tyranids did the unthinkable and breached the outer walls within a matter of hours. Gaunts and other combat organisms flooded into the streets and corridors reaping a heavy toll upon the civilian refugees. Freshly equipped from the armoury, the PDF began sweeping the area and pushing the tyranids back towards the breaches in the wall. In the confined space however the initiative was with the invading creatures. Capable of flooding streets and corridors, they isolated and cut down the defenders.

Flying organisms breached the upper towers and within minutes had slain the governor and his advisors. With the leadership slain, the Imperial defenders panicked and fled. Many were cut own but enough escaped into the underground tunnels to warn other Imperial forces before being  executed for cowardice.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Return of the Fated - Triton Prime


Necrons vs The Fated / Demiurg

The Fated have made an alliance with a Demiurg mercenary company seeking employment away from the Tau Empire. Between them they have raided small undefended Imperial settlements on the edge of the sector. The alliance has so far been beneficial to both so when the Fated leadership suggested that together they may be able to achieve a certain objective the Demiurg agreed.

The combined military force returned to the oceanic world of Triton Prime in another attempt to seize the Starkiller fragment from the Necron tomb. Battle plans were scrutinised on route and the Fated believed that this time they would have the upper hand. But when the army deployed to the surface they found the archipelago deserted and more of a blasted wasteland than it was during their last visit.

The Necrons however had anticipated their return and used their arcane technology to cloak themselves within pockets of another reality. Once they had the Fated and the Demiurg where they wanted, they stepped back into our universe completely encircling them. Wraiths tore into the Fated's units and gauss weaponry sliced through those running to the tombs entrance.

The engagement ran for only a few minutes before the retreat order was given. The Demiurg cruiser in orbit teleported the survivor's back to safety. The Fated fleet set course for the edge of the system in an attempt to escape the arrival of Necron starships coming into auspex range.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sector Update #64

"Now all is ready. We at this table pledge our allegiance to Abaddon's cause. Our armies will reduce the Imperium to ashes. It's people to dust. Victory!" - Typhus, Herald of Nurgle.

Operation Primarch's Wrath - Pyros II

Blood Angels vs Night Lords

While others attempt to repel the necron invasion of the sector capitol, Mephiston takes a company of Blood Angels and takes the fight to the alliance of fallen legions that Abaddon is setting up. His first target are the Night Lords stationed on Pyros II.

The Blood Angels descended from the heavens on pillars of flame like the ancient heroes of old. Sword and bolter flashed severing limbs and ending lives. After several hours of fighting, the Blood Angels reached and stormed the Night Lord fortress at Shadowhelm. Breaching the walls, they set to laying the fortress to waste.

As the Night Lords fought desperately they did not detect the presence of a scout force making their way down into the reactor system. There they planted explosive devices at key points and fled back out into the desert. As soon as they left the Blood Angels retreated leaving a few enraged Death Company to occupy them. Mephiston activated the explosives and the reaction lit up the sky like a second sun.

Having made their point, Mephiston and his battle brothers returned to their strike cruiser and departed for their next target.

Enclave Swept Off Course - Minora IV

Blood Angels vs Farsight Enclave.

Fearing that Ventara may be overrun by Greenskins, Farsight orders a third of his fighting force to seek shelter on another world in the sector and to properly prepare for the battles to come. As their ships fled through space remnants of the warp storm that once covered the Midas sector erupt back into the life. The Tau ships emerge on the edge of the Minora system. Only the fourth planet in the system is capable of supporting life so the commander orders his captains to make planetfall there.

Immediately the Blood Angel garrison leaps into life, assaulting the Enclave as they depart their ships. At first the Enclave have the advantage with long range fire that decimates the space marines' ground assault vehicles. As the hours progress however the Blood Angels get closer and closer, weathering the storm. The tide changed with the arrival of terminators teleporting into the Tau lines. The Enclave had nothing they could fight them off with and were swiftly cut down or slaughtered in close combat.

When the final alien was dead, the Mechanicus operatives had a storehouse worth of xenos tech to study and the Enclave had lost a large percentage of it's troops in the area.

Illiad Recovered - Illiad


Death Guard vs Craftworld Saim Hann.

The traitor marine forces garrisoned on Illiad had been largely unsuccessful in stopping the dark eldar raids that assaulted them on a regular basis. A few victories had been scored here and there but nothing decisve enough to turn the tide of battle. Then came the war host of Saim-Hann who swept in from the webway and drove their fallen brethren from the planet.

Seizing the opportunity to reclaim their world, Typhus marched his personal army out into the plains and assaulted the eldar from all sides. As expected the jetbikes and gravitic tanks gave the aliens the means to turn the attack, pushing the gathered host east into the ruined munition factorums. Here Typhus activated his trap. The eldar were not as manouverable among the warehouses and ruins as they had been and were cut down by Death Guard marines waiting for them. Walls and fallen masonry hemmed the elder in, allowing the chaos marines to decimate them with bolter fire and scorching flamer units.

When the last eldar fell beneath Typhus' mighty scythe, Illiad was once more in the hands of Chaos.