Friday, 25 July 2014

New Necron Offensive Starts - Illiad

Night Lords vs Necrons

For several weeks now scattered reports had reached the throne room on Infernus about Necron raids deep in the heart of the Midas sector. Nothing major, but incidents that told Abaddon that the Necrons were testing the defences of his armies. As penance for their recent failure in the Minora system the Night Lords were dispatched to show the invading machine creatures that Chaos would not be defeated without one hell of a fight.

On 250714.M41 the Necron army launched a three pronged attack on the enemy forces holding the cities of Volodarke, Berezna and Novovarastiv. By this time all three sites had been occupied by elements from the Night Lords legion. However once again the will of the Chaos gods were not with the Night Lords and their positioning meant that they could not bring their full firepower to bear against the advancing horde. In addition, poor command decisions meant that the chaos marines failed to support one another and opened fire piecemeal.

Throughout the engagement the Necrons simply marched forward into the cities, not stopping for any reason other than to kill any living being that they encountered. After the initial assault was repelled, the Night Lords launched surgical strikes by Raptors into the enemy lines and intense hand to hand combat ensued. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. However, by the following morning it was obvious that the Necrons were receiving a constant stream of reinforcements from the portals that brought them to Illiad. The Night Lords had no choice but to flee.

Supply Raid Aborted - Minora IV

Night Lords vs Cult Mechanicus

Operating under their own guidance a half legion of Night Lord chaos marines attempted to breach the Imperial flotilla in orbit above Minora IV and reach the surface. There they planned to strike at multiple targets, looking to steal munitions, weapons and power units. Disguised as an Imperial supply ship from the Medusa sector, they managed to pass the Navy defences and land on the surface. Somewhere however the plan went awry and the traitors were detected.

As soon as the alarms sounded the Mechanicum defences activated. The Night Lords found themselves outnumbered and held in place by automated defence lines and thousands of skitarii warriors. Slowly the smaller detachments were wiped out until only three remained and they fought their way to the extraction point. The escape transport was gone and only a force of Mechanicum soldiers and robots awaited them. The Night Lords did not go down without a fight but their usual tactics which might have worked on ordinary men and women were of no use against the Omnissiah's finest.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Sector Update #71

"There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought." - Sister Syballine, Sisterhood of St. Keeler.

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Boneyard - Callista IV

Blood Angels and Orks.

The ork assault on Callista IV shows no sign of slowing down and already half the planet is in greenskin hands. If the shrine world is to be saved the advance must be stopped. A line drawn in the holy soil and no further. The task has fallen to the Blood Angels who have amassed two whole companies in a vast continent sized cemetery known as the Boneyard. Here amongst the graves and tombs of so many holy saints surely they can turn back the ork tide.

Unfortunately even for the Blood Angels the green tide was too strong. Hordes of boyz on foot and riding bikes crushed the tombstones of the honoured dead. The open ground proved to be a major downfall for the space marines. Even with the majority of their number made up of jump pack equipped battle brothers the orks easily surrounded them and cut them down.

The space marines fell back under such a determined attack quickly pursued by the ork horde.

Skulls for the Skull Throne - Illiad

The Fated / Demiurg vs World Eaters

Ancient rivalries have once again flared up again between the chaos legions serving under Abaddon the Despoiler. On Illiad the World Eaters have decided to collect the Skulls of the Fated for Khorne and present them to the despoiler as a trophy.

Not a major engagement by the standards of the Midas sector but a bloody battle it still was. The Khornate marines marched across the desert from their stronghold and assaulted the camp where the Fated were unloading supplies from a Demiurg transport ship. The World Eaters slaughtered the guards, claiming their heads for the Skull Throne. The brief delay for trophy collecting was the downfall for the World Eaters.

The Fated quickly gathered their armaments and went to work in close quarter firefights. The Demiurg fought alongside them more out of fear for their lives than any sense of loyalty. Bathed in blood and possessed of daemonic fury the World Eaters started to cut their way through the enemy but more and more fell to concentrated firepower. The assaulting Khorne berzerkers were soon dispatched and the Fated sent their skulls to the Despoiler. A warning perhaps rather than a trophy?

Line Breaker - Pyros

Space Wolves / Ultramarines vs The Fated / Demiurg.

By 030714.M41 the Imperial ground troops on Pyros had smashed through the enemy lines and were marching on the planet's capital city. In an uncharacteristic display elements of the war band known as the Fated offered their services to slow the Imperial advance. Marines from other traitor legions were ordered to fall back and hold the capital, leaving only a third of their number as back up to the Fated.

After several days of heavy fighting the Imperial troops lead by the Space Wolves and Ultramarines broke through the Fated's lines and headed for the fuel depot at the Qualor Basin. The Fated fell back to that location where they had hidden several thousand cultists along with some Demiurg mercenaries. Ill-equipped, despite their numbers, the cultists deployed the space marines long enough for the Fated to fortify their position.

Upon finally reaching the fuel depot they found the Fated hunkered down and prepared for them. However, on the following day fearing that they would be encircled, the Fated fell back to a maglev station in the heart of the desert. The Space Wolves led an assault on the station but it was not captured quickly and the space marines were counter attacked by Demiurg. Only the Ultramarines waiting in reserve stopped the Space Wolves from being overrun.

By dusk the Fated were running low on ammunition yet managed to continue to hold off the Imperial attack. It was only when the Ultramarines called in a squadron of Stormtalons that the Fated were weakened in manpower that the Space Wolves were able to overrun the station and slay the Fated.