Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sector Update #73

"Only an idiot fights a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots
would fight a war on twelve fronts!" - Abaddon the Despoiler

Dawn of War - Pyros II

Dark Angels vs Black Legion

The battle for Pyros has been reduced a stalemate as both sides shifted the lines back and forth. Abaddon demanded that the Imperial forces here be destroyed so that he could focus on the threat of the necron dynasty.

The Black Legion launched a strike against the Imperial lines at Sakaria. Skillfully executed it forced the Imperial forces to retreat under heavy fire. The Black Legion then wheeled north and fought their way through the lines until they were intercepted by the Dark Angels!

The determining feature of this engagement was the chemical river that flowed between the two forces. The banks were deep and sloped, and bridges were few and far apart. It was here that the Dark Angels had chosen to make their stand against their traitorous brethren. For the Black Legion the decision whether to hunker down or to advance was a tough one. Both had merits and flaws. They had the manpower to outnumber the space marines but the river prevented them moving up any tanks or heavy artillery. Eventually the idea of charging forward become too tempting to resist.

By the second day of fighting the chaos advance had been halted and the Dark Angels had crossed the river to engage the enemy in their own territory. The battle came down to chainsword and bolter in close quarters action. While the ground forces fought the Dark Angels used long range lascannons to obliterate the Black Legion artillery and tanks from range.

The battle was swiftly decided in favour of the Dark Angels who then continue to pursue the fleeing chaos marines into the desert wastes.

Pest Control - Pyros II

Night Lords vs The Fated.

With the war against the Imperium on Pyros going badly faction rivalries have once more arisen among the traitor marines. The Night Lords had not forgotten recent defeats to the warband called The Fated and took it upon themselves once again to obliterate them once and for all. Pretending to be retreating from the Imperial Guard they approached the Fated's stronghold here and then in a sudden and unexpected turn of events laid siege to it.

The siege lasted five days before reinforcements from the Fated's marines fighting elsewhere arrived but they were cut down by the Night Lords well before they could assist. It seemed that the lords of the night had considered every eventuality this time. Using the Imperium's own advancement to ensure that the besieged fortress was cut off from all supplies they only had to wait out their siege if necessary for there was only limited ammunition available to the Fated.

By the time that the forces of Chaos were able to turn the tide of battle against the Imperial army all the remained of the Fated's stronghold was a crater in the dirt. It was assumed to have been the work of the Imperium for the Night Lord's covered up all trade of their presence.

Enclave Rebuked - Acastus Prime

Farsight Enclave vs Warriors of Ynnead

Exhausted and spent by the war on Ventara the refugees from the Farsight Enclave have come to Acastus Prime looking for assistance from the Tau Empire. They find the Tau engaged in a lengthy war with the Eldar alliance. The Tau offer to supply them with food, water and medical supplies in return for aid against the Eldar. Though tired of the fighting the leaders of the Enclave ship agree to the arrangement.

The Encave deploys to the front lines while the supplies are loaded on board their orbiting craft. When the eldar seize the opportunity to attack the front lines the Warriors of Ynnead engage the Farsight forces along the left flank. Over twenty thousand men and women died that day between the two armies. Due to the sacrifice of the Enclave soldiers the Eldar were unable to breach the defences, saving the lives of many more thousand Tau fire warriors.

In the days following the battle, the Enclave withdrew to their ship and departed the system looking for a safe harbour to regroup.

The Green Tide Advances - Ventara

Orks vs Farsight Enclave

The Enclave has spent months holding their position against the ork forces gaining ground on Ventara. Reinforcements have all been shot down on entry to the system and no more seem forthcoming. Commander Farsight, under orders from his own advisors, has been ferried off world to safety by means unknown, leaving his brave men and women to hold the line in a suicidal defence.

Finally the orks grew bored of the frequent raids repulsed and charge en mass into the outer ring of Enclave fortifications. The green tide was too strong and the number of Tau dead grew by the hour. For four days the battle raged before the Enclave began to withdraw back to the last bastion of safety. This would be the turning point in the war that saw a new world added to Ghazghull's new empire.

Chaos Fails To Remove Necron Threat - Illiad

Necrons vs World Eaters

A reconnaissance force of World Eater marines advanced across the dust plains of Illiad as the winter season set in on the planet. The battle began with an assault on the Necron army near the ruins of an ancient mag-lev system that once covered the planet's southern continent. The World Eaters used the early morning mists as an advantage to cover their approach. The initial attack pushed the necron warriors back and quickly liberated the mag-lev system.

The necron lords uncharacteristically called their fighting forces back to the nearest command base. Although the World Eaters had orders to just recapture territory, their furious rage overtook them and they charged forward to assault the necron command centre where they were mostly cut down by defensive fire. The chaos marines took heavy casualties before the rage dissipated and they fell back. The assault had been too costly and when the necron forces marched once more, the World Eaters survivours were cut down. The necron army retook the vital mag-lev and with no enemy forces within hundreds of miles were able to capture far more territory than they had for the few months they had occupied the southern wastes.

The result was a disaster for the chaos forces. Abaddon wanted to launch further and more concentrated attacks upon the Imperium but it was not possible while the necrontyr captured more and more territory. Until the machines were vanquished the new crusade was put on hold.