Friday, 29 May 2015

The Fall of a Hive - Hermes IV

Thousand Sons vs Astra Militarum.

Hive City Antioch has been besieged by the forces of Chaos since almost the start of the year. Daemons pound upon the gates and heldrakes strafe the upper tiers of the city but so far the enemy has not breached the walls. Until now.

The attacking forces have been joined by a legion of Thousand Sons led by the infamous Ahriman himself. With mighty sorcery he cast the gates of Antioch aside and led the army of the damned inside. The city defenders have been ready for this moment for many months but none had expected the lord of the Thousand Sons to be commanding the battle.

Opening fire decimated the daemons who rushed in through the rents in the walls, and only once the great guns fell silent did the chaos marines of Tzeenth take to the battle field. In small groups they were harder to pin down by the Astra Militarum and the mighty super heavy tanks were of no real use. Ahriman conjoured forth more and more daemons to whittle down the enemy, and surprisingly was joined by a mighty Brass Scorpion of Khorne, which tore through entire regiments and drank their blood in offering to the lord of war.

At one point, portals to the webway opened and a detachment of piratical Dark Eldar joined the fight against the dark forces of Chaos but they could not resist the sorcery of Ahriman. As if expecting their involvement, Ahriman forces open one of these portals and alone, entered the webway. Eventually the hive fell to the enemy, and the population left to the insane desires of the daemons. Ahriman had found what he sought in the depths of the webway and left with his surviving forces as suddenly as he had appeared.

Death to the Enemy! - Crastus

Space Wolves vs World Eaters

In a follow up to the Astra Militarum's initial assault on Crastus, the Imperial attack received unexpected aid from the Space Wolves chapter who slammed down from orbit into the strongholds of Chaos. Fighting with a savagery unbridled the space marines took down the perimeter defences, smashed through the outer lines and launched into the World Eaters themselves. A mighty fight through the ruined cities ensued but after four days of heavy fighting, in which the battle lines shifted like waves on a beach, the Space Wolves were victorious. The taint of Chaos was removed from the former Hive world. With their task done, the space marines returned to their fleet and set course for their next target. Now, the Imperial commanders only had a sizable force of Eldar and Ork to destroy and this world would once more bask in the Emperor's light.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Update #99

"Be ashamed to die until you have done something good for humanity." - Commissar Holt.

Fire and Blood - Midas Prime

World Eaters beat Chaos Daemons.

Midas Prime is in the hands of Abaddon who is consolidating his claim upon this world. One problem he has is the aggressive nature of the World Eaters who always need to be reigned in less they turn on their fellow chaos marines. The Despoiler gathers their champions and tasks them with hunting down the remaining daemons which roam the hive cities, and gather their skulls for the glory of the blood god. Always willing to wage war, slaughtering a foe like the daemon horde fired their bloodlust. The World Eaters waged war for weeks against the daemons, while Abaddon completed his consolidation of the this world's compliance.

The Line Has Been Crossed - Crastus

World Eaters vs Astra Militarum

With the recent loss of the sector capital Warmaster Xerxes has decided that for too long the Imperium has fought random engagements and holding actions. Abaddon controls Midas Prime now and reinforcements are needed to retake it. In the meantime he orders his officers to target Crastus and focus on one world until it is in Imperial hands before moving on.

A large force of Astra Militarum troops was quickly organised and dispatched to Crastus. The invasion went well as the Imperial forces sought revenge for the loss of Midas Prime. The traitor World Eaters were their first target. Supported by titans and knights the ground troops successfully drove the ferocious chaos marines and their allies back, while more and more landing craft made the surface. The war to retake Crastus was going well but the Imperial forces are surrounded by many enemies. The war to claim this world would be a hard fought crusade.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Steel Rain Fails - Urbis III

Ultramarines vs Dark Eldar.

The Imperial attempt to recapture the Urbis system has failed. The Dark Eldar presence has proved too strong even for the might of the space marines. More and more of the unholy aliens have poured forth from the webways to consolidate their hold on this world against the Imperial and Chaos aggressors. A world of several billion souls is too great a prize for the Kabal of the Golden Mask not to fight this hard for it.

Weeks of facing sporadic hit and run attacks weakened the Ultramarines and caused significant damage to the Imperial supply lines. Faced with an enemy that would not fight openly against them the space marines pulled back to the original landing site in hopes of drawing them out but the plan did not work. Unable to declare an exterminatus the Ultramarines have abandoned their planetside base and returned to their strike cruiser to re-evaluate the situation.

Swooping Victory - Rakdos

Ultramarines vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

The Eldar offensive continues to drive the last of the Imperial forces on Rakdos into the jaws of death. Across the deserts and mining outposts the scene is one of utter devastation as the xenos warriors cut down anything not of their own kind.

The last stand took place at promethium mine 172 where a few Astra Militarum survivours had regrouped under the protection of the Ultramarines. The Eldar attack came swiftly just as the sun rose above the desert buttes. Scores of Swooping Hawks led by the infamous Baharroth himself. They dropped charges into the promethium tanks which caused significant damage and loss of life among the Imperials. While they kept the space marines busy, a force of guardians and dire avengers crept in from the desert to assault the outer defences. There were no survivours.

Similar attacks took place across the system and by weeks end the Rakdos system belonged to the Eldar.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Update #98

"Red state emergency. Evacuation phase three. Phase three evacuate. 
Transport section leaders report now. Phase three evacuation."

The Volistad Campaign - Volistad

Ultramarines vs Orks.

 Finally the Imperium has achieved a much needed and overdue victory on Volistad. With the arrival of the Ultramarines, Commissar Holt's attack plan can go ahead. The space marines deployed to the surface via a drop pod assault and straight into the heart of the largest Ork stronghold on the planet. Bolter and chainsword flared into the life severing greenskin flesh with ease. The Orks faced the greatest threat that had faced since their arrival in the sector. The wrath of the space marines was beyond measure and the greenskin horde were scattered to the four winds.

 With the Imperial forces finally in charge of a landing site, Holt came to the surface and sent word to the incoming Astra Militarum reinforcements. The Ultramarines then departed to rejoin their battle brothers for the retaking of Midas Prime.

Abaddon Claims His Throne - Midas Prime

Black Legion vs Blood Angels.

Midas Prime has fallen once again to the forces of Chaos. The last Imperial defenders, the Blood Angels, fought a final battle at the last space port. As the last transport rose into the air, the space marines manned the defences against the incoming chaos marines. The Black Legion started by launching a long range attack which blasted open the barricades and the chaos marines surged forward. Both marine armies clashed in close combat through the ruins of the space port. Eventually the Blood Angels were pulled back and retreated to their own transports, and reunited with the Imperial Navy ships in orbit.

Meanwhile Abaddon claimed the throne of Midas Prime. He had achieved what he set out to do and word was spread that the despoiler ruled the sector. Would the other legions return to the fold? Only time would tell.

Fall of the Governor's Palace - Midas Prime

World Eaters / Chaos Daemons vs Grey Knights / Inquisition.

As the Imperial forces on Midas Prime prepare to evacuate the planet, the remaining inquisitorial forces lead a heroic defence of the governor's palace. The force arrayed against them was an incredible sight - wave after wave of daemons in the vanguard of a vast chaos marine army. There was no way for the Grey Knights to win but they bravely put themselves in the way to allow others to get to the evacuation transports.

The Inquisition deployed assassins throughout the Imperial forces to help slow down the advance but defenders were too outnumbered and while they dropped many of the chaos champions the were unable to slow them down. Even the might of the Grey Knights was not enough although they fought to the last man. Many names were inscribed in the halls of the honoured dead that day.

Brought to Heel - Volcanis

Night Lords vs World Eaters.

The Night Lords have returned to Volcanis at the orders of their master Abaddon to bring the World Eaters under compliance. Warlord D'urham lead his marines in a night raid against the enemy base on Volcanis Mons. Sneaking in through the outer defences and into the base proper, the Night Lords put their legendary skills to good use. They put the defenders to the sword and breached the command center. By the time the World Eaters were aware of the attack, the Night Lords had control of the system and were able to channel the World Eaters into specific kill zones. Luck was on their side this time.

After the battle, D'urham forced the surviving World Eaters into rejoining Abaddon's crusade in the Midas Sector. Together they departed the system and returned to the main battle lines against the Imperium.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Assault on the Gargant Yards - Crastus

World Eaters vs Orks.

The war on Crastus has been raging for months with no side being able to gain any ground against the other. This had given the Orks the opportunity they needed to begin building a new Gargant construction yard. By the time that this site was detected by the Eldar and forces of Chaos several new gargants had walked off the assembly line. The World Eaters were charged with destroying the facility and claiming it for the dark powers. Assisted by titans from the Death Stalkers legion they crossed the burning cities and lay siege to the objective.

Numerous klans had been brought together to construct the yards so the World Eaters found themselves with a glorious battle ahead of them. The chaos forces attempted to outflank the Orks but found it hard going due to the outpouring of firepower from the fully operational gargants. Even the chaos titans found it a hard fought battle and none returned from the battle. Ultimately despite their unholy aggression the World Eaters were unable to carve through the sheer numbers of orks which overran the chaos marines.

Now tested in battle, the gargants went on to lead the waaagh against the Eldar and Chaos forces on Crastus, claiming much territory and resources for the ork horde.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Update #97

"They will seek to harvest us at first, for they will be hungry after their long sleep. Then they will turn their efforts to enslaving the survivors. The galaxy will bleed the stench of death into the void, and it will attract the others of their kind. We must choose unity or death." - Farseer Maechu, Craftworld Ulthwe.

Deadly Stalemate - Savrip

Astra Militarum vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

Over the last month the jungles of Savrip have experienced vicious fighting as the Eldar of Alaitoc fight to reclaim what the men and women of the Catachan regiment have taken from them. The Eldar have been unable to dislodge the guardsmen without causing irreparable damage to the installation and the Catachan have not had the resources to take the fight to the foul alien. This has let to a stalemate that cannot be overcome until one side or the other receives reinforcements capable of dealing with the enemy. The Eldar, at least, have the ability to come and go as they please which may be the downfall of Straken's Catachans.

Enclave Defeated - Pyros II

Astra Militarum vs Farsight Enclave

Following the recent Grey Knight intervention against the Farsight Enclave, the Astra Militarum and elements from the Legio Astraman were able to regroup, resupply, and then return to take advantage of the decimated Tau force. The Imperium started with a heavy basilisk bombardment followed up by the impressive firepower of the Titans. As the dust began to settle, the tank detachments swept in from the flanks to contain the Enclave survivours while the main body of the Militarum troops charged in. Ultimately the engagement only last twelve hours but at the end of it, the Midas Sector was free from the taint of the Farsight Enclave.

Ambushed - Rakdos

Blood Angels vs Harlequins / Dark Eldar.

While on route to Outpost 53, the 3rd Blood Angels company found themselves ambushed in the canyons by a Shadow Conclave raiding party. The Enclave used their common tactic of encircling the target and preventing any survivours from escaping. The Blood Angels hunkered down among the wreckage of their vehicles and prepared for the long fight. Although perfectly equipped for close range firefights the Enclave forces stayed just out of reach and rained heavy lance fire down upon their positions. When the harlequins finally entered the fray the space marines had been reduced to half their original number.

When help finally arrived in the form of stormtalons from Outpost 52, the damage had been done. The Conclave forces vanished back into the desert but their strike had been successful. Without the space marines to lend assistance Outpost 53 and several others fell to Conclave attack within several hours.

Jungles of Death - Grimlock

Necrons vs Tyranids

Necron expansion throughout the sector has brought them to the death world of Grimlock, a planet that has long been locked in a deadly stalemate between the Eldar and Hive Fleet Amorak. Upon arriving at the planet, the Necrons performed an intense orbital bombardment upon the Eldar positions before launching a full out attack upon the Tyranids who had been deemed the most threatening opposition on the planet below.

Much of Grimlock has already been consumed by the Tyranids to further their ability to make war here but the Necrons lured them into the remaining jungle where the warriors had better cover and protection from the huge lumbering monsters. The Necrons have been able to inflict significant damage to the Tyranids but it will be some time before they will have the strength to push out and claim this world for their own.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Update #96

Farseer Solon: "There are good planets and there are bad planets. There are healthy planets and unhealthy planets. There are safe planets and dangerous planets. This place is known to every one of my race as a bad place, a diseased, dangerous place." 
Inquisitor Mannus: "You talk like that planet is alive?" 
Farseer Solon: "Everything is alive, in its way. Have you ever been in an bombed out ruin and felt an oppressiveness, a shadow on the soul? Now multiply that by a billion times and that is fairly radiating from this planet."


War of the Ancients - Arathis Prime

Necrons vs Craftworld Saim-Hann.

After a long absence the warriors of Craftworld Saim-Hann have returned to the Midas Sector. The recent Eldar civil war took a mighty toll upon them but they have returned to help defeat the growing Necron threat. Across the sector they launch raids against the Necron dynasty, testing it's defences and the mettle of the warriors. On Arathis Prime they come in their thousands with wave after wave of jetbikes, aircraft and powerful wraith constructs!

Used to dealing with weaker and less organised Eldar attacks the Necrons were thrown back by this incursion. The jetbikes and aircraft streaked in ahead of the main battle force targeting fortifications and command installations. The ground troops, including wraithguard followed up to engage the machines on the ground while a detachment of wraithknights brought up the rear, directing their awesome firepower wherever it seemed needed.

The wrath of Saim-Hann was like nothing the Necrons had experienced among the lesser races since their awakening. The Eldar swept through them leaving destroyed warriors and monoliths in their wake. By the time the Eldar had annihilated their foe, there was little to nothing left functioning for miles around.

Clash of Armies - Rakdos

Harlequins / Dark Eldar vs Blood Angels.

Both sides in the war for Rakdos have received much needed reinforcements. For the Eldar have come elements of the Shadow Conclave and for the Imperial defenders two companies of Blood Angels. Rakdos, once a minor footnote in the worlds of the sector seems to have become a priority for the Imperial high command.

Each of the recent engagements have been brief but bloody meetings in the ruins of the deep desert promethium mines. The space marines have the firepower and the numbers but the Shadow Conclave have speed and superior weapons which have so far proven their side the victor in almost every encounter. Despite their victories, the Blood Angel commander believes these are simply hit and run attacks designed to test the Imperial strength and weaken numbers.

Cometh the Fury - Urbis III

Black Legion vs Dark Eldar / Astra Militarum

Once again on Urbis III the Dark Eldar and the remnants of the Planetary Defence Forces have joined together to resist the incursion of Chaos. The legions loyal to Abaddon are determined to recapture this world for the Despoiler.

From the Warp they came, wave after wave of Black Legion chaos marines followed by full tank detachments and squads of heavily armoured terminators. The defenders fought an incredible battle but were losing ground to an army with vastly superior numbers. The Black Legion seemed to know exactly where to target their units and heavy weapons to cause the most damage and elicit a panicked withdrawal. As before, once the battle turned against them, the Dark Eldar of the Golden Mask abandoned their "allies" and retreated, leaving the humans to a brutal and horrific death.

Farsight Control Slipping - Pyros II

Grey Knights / Inquisition vs Farsight Enclave

Repeated requests for assistance by the commanders leading the war effort on Pyros II have been answered by an unlikely ally. A force of Grey Knights led by Inquisitor Butlerian deviated from their course to assist the defenders. Deploying by teleportation directly into the heart of the enemy with an inquisitorial assassin team, the Fist of the Emperor dealt a mighty blow to the Enclave forces. The assassins targeted and removed the key leaders of the Enclave before removing unit leaders. Disorientated, the Firewarriors and battle suits were ill prepared to handle the wrath of the Grey Knights. Then as swiftly as they arrived, they vanished back into the Warp on their own crusade. The timely intervention has allowed the Imperial forces to regroup and take the fight to the enemy.

The Shadows Lengthen - Pelias IX

Dark Eldar vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

The situation in the Pelias system has been one of deep entrenchment since the arrival of the Kabal of the Golden Mask a few months ago. The Eldar have been able to hold the Ork's at bay for now but suffer constant and repeated raids by the Dark Eldar which are harming their ability to resist both sides. The piratical Eldar swoop in on daring slave raids, snatching as many as they can and retreating. The captives either slaughtered within sight of their fellows or carried off to a much worse fate in the Dark City.

The Craftworlders see Pelias as one of their worlds, fresh from the capture and are fighting hard to retain control but their numbers are reducing daily while the Ork seem to be growing in numbers on an unprecedented scale. With the constant raids the forces of Alaitoc have nowhere to run and are living on borrowed time.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tau Expansion Fails - Volistad

Orks vs Tau Empire.

The Empire has selected a new target for conquest, the former Imperial world of Volistad. The Tau invasion force was small but more than enough to help secure a planet fall landing site. What ships made it through the orbital blockade touched down and unloaded it's cargo of fire warriors and battle suits. The initial assault went well and the Tau managed to capture much territory before being halted by the sheer number of greenskins.

The invasion was swiftly turned into a rout over several days until the two forces were intermixed and the invasion became nothing more than a bloodbath. The Orks outnumbered the Tau many times over and they had no chance of survival. Cut down to the last and their vehicles taken as looted trophies, the Tau Empire's initial attempt to secure a hold on this world failed in a storm of fire and blood.