Monday, 7 December 2015

Update #119

"Where there is one brave man, in the thickest of the fight, there is the post of honour."

Blood and Diamonds - Rakdos

Tyranids Vs Harlequins.

The Eldar occupation of Rakdos has come to an end before it really got off the ground. The increasing presence of the Tyranids on the planet means that the world no longer has a tactical position in their schemes. While the main body of the Eldar fled into the webway a force of Harlequins remained behind to cover the retreat at the cost of their own lives. The engagement was short, brutal and lasted just long enough for the Eldar to enter and collapse the webgate. The Tyranid menace was now for the Imperium to handle.

The Battle of Long Shadows! - Volistad

Farsight Enclave vs Orks.

The Battle of Long Shadows took place in a ruined factorum facility in the souther hemisphere of Volistad. The action was fought between 108 fire warriors and 20 battlesuits clashed with a force of 1,500 to 2,500 Orks. The Enclave had arrived just days earlier, constructing a base at a nearby plateau. It soon moved beyond the initial requirements of establishing itself and securing its immediate approaches, beginning operations to open the province. Enclave intelligence had tracked a sizable enemy force moving westwards to a position just north of a ruined spire called the Long Shadow; however, extensive patrolling failed to find them. At 02:43 on the night of 301115.M41, Ork artillery and heavy weapons bombarded the Enclave encampment, before being engaged by counter-battery fire.

Fire warriors took pursuit around midday, clashed with Ork boyz, forcing them to withdraw. Shortly after resuming the advance, they platoon came under small-arms and rocket fire from a flank after drawing ahead of the other units and became isolated. Pinned down, they called for artillery support as a monsoon rain began, reducing visibility. Beginning as an encounter battle, heavy fighting ensued as the advancing horde attempted to encircle and destroy the Tau. After less than 20 minutes more than a third of the fire warriors had become casualties, while the commander was killed soon after. A second squad moved up on the left in support but was repulsed. With the battlesuits facing a much larger force, more fire warriors tried to push up on the right. Fighting off an attack on their right before pushing forward another 100 meters they sustained increasing casualties after clashing with several Ork groups moving around their western flank to form a cut-off prior to a frontal assault. Opening a path to the beleaguered fire warriors yet unable to advance further, they threw smoke to mark their location. Nearly out of ammunition, two devilfish transports arrived overhead to resupply them. Meanwhile, the survivors withdrew to their reserves during a lull, suffering further losses. Still heavily engaged, both squads then moved back to the company position covered by battle suit artillery fire.

The two squads had reformed but was still in danger of being overrun. Help was dispatched in devilfish carriers to reinforce them. Leaving the kill zone, the transports moved east, crossing a swollen creek before encountering elements of the Ork army attempting to outflank a unit of weakened fire warriors and assault them from the rear. The Orks were caught by surprise as the devilfish and their fire warriors crashed into their flank and with darkness falling they broke through. Arriving at a crucial point, the relief force turned the tide of the battle. The Orks had been massing for another assault which would have likely destroyed a good many fire warrior squads, yet the firepower and mobility of the armour broke their will, forcing them to withdraw. Continuing past, the relief force assaulted the Orks, before falling back to command for resupply. The artillery had been almost constant throughout and proved critical in ensuring the survival of the Tau. By mid-afternoon the firing had ceased and the Enclave waited for another attack. However, after no counter-attack occurred they prepared to withdraw 750 metres west. With the dead and wounded loaded onto the devilfish carriers the left as night began to fall, while everyone else departed on foot. A landing zone was then established by the kroot with the evacuation of the casualties finally completed after midnight. Forming a defensive position ready to repulse an expected attack they remained overnight, enduring the cold and heavy rain.

The Enclave army returned in strength the next day, sweeping the area and locating a large number of greenskin dead. Although initially believing they had suffered a major defeat, as the scale of the Ork losses were revealed it became clear they had won a significant victory.  Due to the likely presence of a sizeable ork force nearby the Enclave remained cautious as they searched for the what remained of the enemy. Over the next two days they continued to clear the battlefield, uncovering more dead as they did so. Heavily outnumbered but supported by strong artillery fire, the Enclave held off a najor assault before a relief force of fought their way through and forced the Orks to withdraw. Eighteen battlesuits destroyed and just 24 fire warriors dead, but with many wounded, while the Orks lost at least half their number which were found over the days that followed.

A decisive Enclave victory, Long Shadow proved a major local setback for the Orks, indefinitely forestalling an imminent movement against Farsight's command base and establishing the task force's dominance over the region.

The Enclave Strikes - Volistad

Farsight Enclave vs Orks.

In an unexpected move the might of the Farsight Enclave has descended upon the former Imperial world of Volistad, a world in the mighty grip of the Ork horde. Never before had the Midas sector seen such a force from the renegade faction of the Tau Empire. Led by Commander Farsight himself, the attacking force made short work of the Ork killkroozer's in orbit and then caused utter carnage as they deployed to the surface. The Ork's  did not stand a chance against their impressive might. Within a matter of days the Farsight Enclave had achieved what the Imperium of Man had failed to do in over three years, capture and maintain a sizable portion of Volistad.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Retaliatory Strike - Acastus Prime

Astra Militarum vs Tau Empire

The recent rise in Tau attacks across the sector has forced the Warmaster and his council to divert significant numbers of troops and star ships to the various battle zones. Now however the Imperium must take the fight straight to the heart of the Empire's seat of power, Acastus Prime.

The attack was one of the largest thus far orchestrated in the Crusade. The Cadian regiments deployed with the backup of super heavy tanks, knights and several Titan legions. The Tau weakened by months of conflict with the Dark Eldar were slow to react to the new threat and quickly lost ground as the Imperium captured city after city. Despite this the Tau were not prepared to relinquish their own sector capital to the armies of mankind and regrouped after several days of grueling warfare. For now though the Imperium marches forwards casting the alien forces aside.