Saturday, 5 March 2016

Devour the Living! - Bantis V

Dark Eldar vs Tyranids

On Bantis the Tyranids have already consumed the outer planets but continually seem to suffer defeat when facing the defenders of the fifth planet. At last however, the hive mind has adapted its strategies to handle the biomass arrayed against it.

The hive mind has dispatched large numbers of lictors into dark eldar held areas of the planet where they gain entry to the main camps and begin picking off randome individuals and slaves. As chaos begins to sow among the ranks the main force of tyranid creatures attacks. While the dark eldar fight to keep the alien horrors at bay the lictors strike from the rear. So far this tactic has been successful but how long until the dark eldar themselves adapt?

Hard Enuff! - Volistad

Orks vs Salamanders

The Imperium has long had it's eyes upon Volistad. One of the first worlds to full fall from Imperial hands, it has remained the staging ground for all Ork incursions ever since and something must be done to defeat them and return this world to Imperial control. A force of space marines from the Salamanders chapter has been dispatched to begin the initial attack for reconquest!

Devastater squads and predator tanks were deployed first in an effort to take out any heavy vehicles or bunkers that the orks might have, but met heavy resistance from the start. The Salamanders were immediately on the back foot and despite repeated attempts to break the ork forces were unable to even secure a suitable landing site. Upon retreating to their waiting battle barges, the Imperium did learn that the Orks were still fighting Enclave forces but were swiftly overrunning the aliens.

Imperial Forces Routed - Acastus Prime

Ultramarines vs Dark Eldar.

For some time the Imperium has attempted to lay claim to Acastus Prime but has suffered major losses. Lately those losses have come from Dark Eldar loyal to the Kabal of the Golden Mask. The kabal has been very successful in it's raids across the sector with no faction having the ability or tactical skill to drive them off without significant loss of life and supplies. The Imperial forces on Acastus Prime have recently been on the receving end of their raids, where the aliens seem to be avoiding the Tau present for some reason.

Across the planet the dark eldar assault space marine positions dragging some away in chains and simply killing others. After weeks of constant raids the decision has been made to retreat the Imperium from this world for now while agents of the Ordos Xenos seek a way to finally defeat and eradicate the dark eldar from the sector once and for all.