Friday, 29 April 2016

Return of the Horde - T'Vora.

Orks vs Tau Empire.

For over six months the Tau have been successful in containing the Ork threat to the Kapyong Valley. Frequent attempts to breach the lines have proven unsuccessful but likewise, the Ork numbers have prevented the Empire from annihilating them just yet. Now, the Orks have returned surging forth in vast numbers unexpected by the Empire. The Tau are forced to pull troops back from the raids against the piratical Eldar to bolster their lines.

The Orks have not been idle and attack with strangle flying deffcopters and ramshackle aircraft. Unprepared for the arrival of aerial assault the Tau forces take heavy losses and are forced to pull back, which allows the main Ork army to emerge from the valley to swarm the Orthan Flats.

Corsair Raid - Metallo

Eldar Corsairs vs Cult Mechanicus.

The forge world of Metallo once again becomes the target for alien aggression. The Eldar Corsairs which recently liberated the Urbis system have now launched an attack upon this world holy to the Omnissiah. The Mechanicum prepares to fight a defensive war but the fast moving corsairs have different views. Striking at speed, they breach the outer walls of several factorum complexes and are successful in bringing down the mighty war engines of the Mechanicus. In return they take few losses themselves and are able to establish a safe zone to activate the webway allowing access to the Craftworld Eldar.

The Emperor's Will - Hermes IV

Ultramarines vs Traitor Guard.

The war for Hermes IV continues! The traitor forces are being smashed aside by the might of the Emperor's armies! Ranging ahead of the Astra Militarum ground troops, the third and fourth companies of the Ultramarines chapter assault and decimate outposts and companies of traitor guardsmen! In some instances leaving nothing for the Imperial guardsmen to do when advancing forward. Slowly, by the effort of the space marines the forces of Chaos are being slain and soon Hermes IV will once again be in the hands of the Imperium.

Chaos Defeated! - Urbis III

Eldar Corsairs vs Death Guard

The Eldar Corsairs continue their assault upon the remaining Death Guard on Urbis III. Typhus has fled into the Warp leaving his remaining forces behind. In orbit, the Corsair fleet destroys the Chaos ships in one swift strike.

They then descend to the surface and assault the remaining bolt holes where the plague marines wait ready for the coming battle. Long range weaponry blasts holes in the Chaos defences. Skimmers and ground troops rush in through the breaches to engage the plague marines in close combat and short range fire fights.

Woefully outnumbered and without the leadership of Typhus, the plague marines are swiftly cut down removing the Chaos taint from Urbis III. The world, although still in a state of war, is in the hands of the Eldar.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Plague Storm - Acastus Prime

Death Guard vs Tau Empire

A small Chaos force has returned to the Tau colony on Acastus Prime. Led by Typhus of Nurgle, the force begins to deploying bacterial weaponry into the atmosphere before then deploying to the surface. Many Tau and Dark Eldar die that day and the invasion continues for many weeks.

The turning point in the war came when the Death Guard were scouting the no man's land for supplies and collecting their own dead. The Tau Empire seeking to bring down Typhus launch an attack using battle suits supported by a few smaller fire warrior teams. The Tau sought to punish the Death Guard with overwhelming firepower but the infested marines were resistant to the shock of those advanced weapons.

Typhus himself waded into the enemy battle suits and cut them down with a swing of his daemon scythe. Seeing the mighty of a Chaos champion cleaving through their best weapons panicked the Tau who soon fell back. The Death Guard will soon crush the remaining Tau and turn their attention to the Dark Eldar present on Acastus.

Stalemate - Volistad

Orks vs Astra Militarum

The war for Volistad has come to a draw once again. All Imperial momentum has ground to a halt as the Ork armies just pile more and more bodies into the battle. Requests are repeated for space marine involvement but so far nothing has come of it. More troop transports are on route to help bolster the men and women on the ground but without elite assistance their presence may not be enough to push the Orks back once again.

Counterattack - Hermes IV

Raven Guard / Ultramarines vs Dark Mechanicus / Traitor Guard.

Imperial command and determined that if Hermes IV is to be reclaimed that the space marines must launch a series of strikes against non-daemonic threats. If the main enemy forces can be destroyed then the daemons should fade back into the Warp. The Raven Guard and Ultramarines were picked to launch those strikes. The most obvious target was a dark mechanicus factorum guarded by a regiment of traitor guard.

The Raven Guard deployed in secret and monitored the facility for several days before the attack was given the go command. They took out anti-air defences with melta bombs and took out groups of guardsmen while the Ultramarines deployed via drop pod assault. After suffering heavy casualties the remaining traitor guard fled into the wastes to escape the wrath of the space marines. Both space marine forces then entered the facility and took down the dark mechancius and their automaton ground troops.

Within the facility they located a warp gate which was generating the warp storm fragmentary cloud around the planet. Destroying that dissipated the cloud and weakened the daemon horde. Across Hermes the Astra Militarum were then able to push forwards once more and secure formerly lost territory.

Update #122

Naked force has settled more issues in history than any other factor. The contrary opinion 'violence never solves anything' is wishful thinking at its worst. People who forget that always pay... They pay with their lives and their freedom

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Chaos Ascendent - Hermes IV

Chaos Daemons vs Space Wolves

The Imperial war on Hermes to drive away the forces of Chaos has begun to slow down. After months of heavy fighting, the world has become smothered by a remnant of the original Midas warp storm and from it's miasma have emerged a sizeable force of daemons.
In order to protect the vulnerable Astra Militarum ground troops the battle brothers of the Space Wolves have spent the last few months launching frequent raids against the daemonic lines. Each time they have been beaten back and the daemons have encroached further into Imperial territory. With such a mighty force arrayed against them the Imperial ground forces are being forced further apart and split. Xerxes advisors fear that Hermes will soon fall back into enemy hands.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Corsair Raid - Urbis III

Corsairs vs Death Guard

In an unexpected turn of events, an Eldar corsair force has attacked the Chaos holdings on Urbis III. Although they struck at the various factions on the planet below the largest and most bloody engagement was the attack upon the fortress of the Death Guard. For a moment it appeared as though the pirates had chosen the wrong target but soon battle turned in their favour. The corsairs were far more manouverable than the grounded plague marines and they simply remained outside of optimal bolter range, whilst cutting down the chaos marines with their own long range weaponry. With the Death Guard fortress now laid bare and burning, their void dancer sent a psychic call to their craftworld brethren, summoning them to this world.

The Emperor's Wrath - Volistad

Orks vs Astra Militarum

The all new offensive to reclaim Volistad from the Orks is going extremely well. With the initial assault by the Space Wolves over for now, the men and women of the Astra Militarum have taken over. With a constant supply of fresh tanks and munitions coming in from Minora IV the Imperium's fighting forces are in an excellent position for once to defeat the Ork menace here. Across the globe various regiments are decimating the Orks and making room for more and more landing craft to bring huge numbers of guardsmen into the fray.

Hive Fleet Repelled - Ventara

Orks vs Tyranids

It has been some months since Imperial intelligence has cast it's eyes over the situation in the Ventara system but it now appears that the war is coming to an end. The Orks vastly outnumber their Eldar opponents with more and more fresh greenskins popping up every day. The Eldar have no choice but to slowly retreat and allow the Orks to claim total dominion over this world.

The Eldar escape was made all the more easier by the sudden arrival of a small Tyranid vanguard fleet. The monsters managed to break through the orbiting Ork ships and actually deploy forces to the surface. Immediately the Orks turned from their weaker foe to this more interesting and aggressive foe. The Tyranids immediately suffered the same problem, for every Ork slain several more arose to fight. Over weeks of brutal combat the Orks achieved a very easy victory against the Tyranids and were able to destroy each of the hive ships in orbit.

The Eldar however, while mostly evacuated, have maintained a small mobile strike force on Ventara should the chance arise to take out the greenskin menace.

Monday, 4 April 2016

The Retaking Begins - Volistad

Space Wolves vs Orks

The time has come for the Imperium's largest effort to retake Volistad, this time led by the Space Wolves chapter. The chapter descended to the surface and brought their wrath to the greenskin hordes. Droppods and thunderhawks smashed into the Ork lines across the surface of Volistad. Once deployed they smashed aside the Ork war bands and secured vital landing sites for the following troops who were entering orbit within hours. So far this effort has begun to show promise but it will depend on how well the reinforcing ground troops continue the work started by the Space Wolves.

Moon Base Raid - Callista VI

Black Legion vs The Fated.

Elsewhere on the moon of Callista VI a separate force of The Fated deployed to the Black Legion base there. Breaching the thin atmosphere, the war band assaulted the fortress there. With the Black Legion engaged in space or on the surface of Callista, there was little to stop them from breaching the structure. Once within the Fated fought their way to the Black Legion's stolen cache of geneseed, where they then made off with hundreds of the organic implants. With their goal complete, the Fated teleported out and their ship escaped the system.

Battlefront - Callista VI

The Fated vs Black Legion.

While the battle was underway in orbit, a detachment of The Fated teleported to the surface. The Fated then launched what ultimately proved to be a suicidal attack upon the Black Legion command station. The war band through their lives away needlessly as the attack seemed to have no purpose. Ultimately The Fated must have had some ulterior motive for their attacks but for now it is unknown.

Orbital Raid - Callista VI

Black Legion vs The Fated

In the skies above Callista VI two battle fleets engage in close quarters combat. A Black Legion fleet had moved in to deploy reinforcements to the surface when a smaller fleet of ships from The Fated war band translated into the system and opened fire. The command ship Legacy of the Despoiler was obliterated in the first volley.
Both fleets then engaged at close range. Although the Fated had the initiative the Black Legion fleet outnumbered them three to one. The battle lasted for several hours before the last Fated vessel limped off into the outer system before exploding under it's own wounds.