Monday, 2 May 2016

Operation: Righteous Fury - Callista V

Dark Angels vs Death Guard

With the war to retake Volistad from the Orks going well, the Imperium turns it's attention to reclaiming the fallen shrine world. First in are the Dark Angels ever on the search for the Fallen before anyone else finds them.

By the end of the first month, the Dark Angels had been successful in capturing or destroying 60% of their designated targets. These victories did not come without drawbacks. The Death Guard defenders inflicted heavy casualties on the attackers before themselves being defeated. The Dark Angels then followed up by gaining aerial superiority until the Imperial Navy could arrive to secure the Callistan airspace.

The Dark Angels then moved on to launch raids on the main Chaos marine military installation. These attacks were led mainly by the Raven Wing using attack bike squads and waves of fast moving land speeders. The fighting was vicious as both sides knew what the stakes were for control of the planet. After two days of fighting the Death Guard retreated to regroup with other traitor marine forces.

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